Monday, October 04, 2010


Right, this ridiculous neglect of the blog has to stop! Just because I am writing/planning three books simultaneously and learning a foreign language and trying to shift my appalling case of Writer's Bum through painful gym-going does not mean I can become a slacker on the cyber-front.

So, stand by for Special Features. Beginning, later today, with My Kindle Diary - I know there are millions of people blogging about their New Best Friends but mine will be different, honest. For a start I will make Very Wise and Perspicacious Comments about the Future of Publishing.


To follow that, I will be trying to blog once a week, minimum, with a mixture of writing tips, news and general musing on living in two places at once.

I just hope this new plan outlasts the my brief experiment with Photos of the Day. Hmm.


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