Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kate's Kindle Diary Day 2

Today I took my Kindle for a walk! Obviously I was worried about its little screen getting scratched and I hadn’t been able to bring myself to spend £50 on an 'official' case that really ought to be provided with it, so I googled for alternatives and decided to ‘upcycle’ an old Jiffy bag by cutting it down to half the size. I was going to post a step-by-step tutorial but I am guessing you can work it out for yourself. Perhaps I will embellish it later with ribbons to stop the Kindle falling out. I am very crafty, don’t you know!
Anyway. Took it to the park. Sure enough, the print was as clear as a book would be in bright sunshine, no dodgy reflections. I kept looking up, hoping my new baby was attracting some attention, but the nearest I came was when a man with a bag approached purposefully. Coming to admire my lovely new bit of kit, surely? No. He only wanted to sell me ‘cerveza, cola, fanta, agua.’
The truth is that the Kindle isn’t the prettiest. It’s a very Windows/PC type gadget, the plainer, more business-like cousin of a Mac or iPod. So it might be a while before anyone comes over and coos.

No matter. My Kindle passed the ‘lying on my back holding the “book” aloft’ test and the page-turn buttons on either side, which some have criticised, meant I could go back and forwards using the same hand. It actually felt lighter than a normal paperback, and equally it passed the ‘lying on my front with ankles carelessly held up in the air looking like trendy student girly type advertising the Kindle’ test.
And as I bought the 3G version (rather than the Wifi only version) I could also indulge in my new hobby of... downloading samples! The world's literature awaits. Effortless...
Which is more than can be said for - well, let's leave that one till tomorrow, eh?
Samples downloaded (total): 26
Money spent: £0


Blogger Sarah Callejo said...

I've got the pink Sony eReader and I flash it around as proud mum whenever I can too.

12:36 pm  

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