Sunday, March 07, 2010

Photos of the Day 63-65

It's free day in Barcelona's museums today, so we popped into the Museum of the History of Catalunya to try to get a grip of the region's past. But I was distracted, as usual, by bits and bobs: a bar tableau that isn't so different from some of the ones you can find down alleyways (but that I am a bit too wimpy to go into as a non-local); a table footy game; and a rather strange tableau of giant textile worker dolls in the lobby...

Yesterday we discovered how the city's Dalek-like recycling bins are emptied (via a rather neat trap-door system).
And since Friday I have been increasingly boggled by quite how off target I am with the timings of The Secret Shopper Affair (which is what we're calling the third in the series). So I have been falling back on the old multi-coloured Post-It Notes on a Table technique (the blur is my attempt to preserve the mystery of my new plot, rather than an inability to keep the camera still). I can't decide if this technique will save the day, or is the last resort of a desperate author. Watch this space...


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