Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mind the Gap

Another intermission - sorry about that! I was back in the UK. A week of much fun and games, along with much expensive train travel. At one point we were not allowed to board a train from Gatwick because someone had vomited the entire length of the train, from first class to the other end. Shame I didn't get to snap THAT as Photo of the Day, eh?

I guess it happens to most of us, but the Photo is proving a bind at the moment. I suspect that by the end of the year I will have posted 365 images, but it's tough sometimes to come up with something interesting each day, especially when it's been rainin. Maybe I am not a visual person? Having said that, I don't think a Haiku of the Day would be any better... Also I don't want to include people pix, as it seems a bit cheeky to co-opt their faces, when I HATE having my own picture taken.

The other factor is that I am racing to the end of the Novel That Does Not Want to End. Ever. Almost at 100,000 words now, but still with what seems like half a book's worth of plot to finish. So blogging and writing about photos doesn't seem a priority.

Therefore, I will post some random pictures without much explanation and do my best to restore normal service when my creative energies are fully restored. So the pix are: first ever proper home-made tortilla espanol (courtesy of video by El Cocinero Fiel); fabulously delicious potential cupcakes for friend's wedding (not hand-made, but from Angel Food in Brighton); very romantic pudding at the Romantic Novelists' Association Awards lunch; Brighton beach; and Villa Moxo, Barcelona.


Blogger Milton said...

Oooooh, Muttie so wants to sink her teeth into that cupcake!! And she loves your pix, please keep 'em coming. They fair brighten up her day...and, when she's in a good mood, mean extra 'treats' for me. Milton (the gorgeous and intelligent kittie) xx

8:32 pm  
Blogger DOT said...

I like your random pics. I especially like the one of the sculpture on Brighton beach - reminds me of the skeleton of a wrecked tanker, not that I've ever seen the skeleton of a wrecked tanker.

Your pic is particularly noteworthy as it frames the very pier my blog is named after. I too am a burnt out ruin, standing out to sea, buffeted by the tides of fortune and ill-reason.

All the world's a pier,
And all the men and women mere promenaders:
They have to pay a penny for their entrance
And all are fated to exit with a leap.

1:25 pm  

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