Friday, February 05, 2010

Photo of the Day 36: a greenhouse...

This is one of my favourite buildings, and today it looked terrific in the sunshine. It's the Hivernacle in the Ciutadella Park, and I love the way its design echoes the design of the inverted u-shaped Umbracle (shade garden/palm house) that you can just see in the distance in the first picture, and also the shape of the market that is being refurbished by our flat. I believe they were all built around the same period, for the 1888 Universal Exhibition. The two sides of the Hivernacle are very different - the second picture shows the triffid-like plants that always seem to me to be fighting to get out, and the third is the fully refurbished other side. I understand there used to be a cafe there, but at the moment it's closed, except that at Christmas the middle courtyard became a temporary sleeping/meeting point for about a dozen homeless people.


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