Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos of the day 9 & 10: sun and shopping

I love the design and colour of this derelict cinema - I love a multiplex as much as anyone, but it's a shame these buildings can't thrive too.

This is Placa Reial, normally a real tourist haunt, but on Sunday it was packed with locals, eyeing up the coin market.

From Saturday - I loved the way the tower at Santa Maria del Mar was swathed in net, like a bride, and you can just see the memorial flame too on the left.

Our haul from the British supermarket....

A cold but sunny weekend here: the cold killed my camera battery after taking just one shot on Saturday. On Sunday we had a good mooch, ending at the British supermarket. I wouldn't say I'm desperate for 'delicacies' from home (except Sainsbury's Saag Paneer, oh, yum, I miss that!), but I did have a Quorn craving. No fresh sausages in the shop, but we did buy:
  • Marmite (which, to be fair, we can buy in a few places here but we thought we'd snaffle some anyway)
  • LEMON Golden Shred (boyf's breakfasting choice)
  • Two jars of different chutneys (I love chutney)
  • A brick of Cheddar
  • Weetabix
  • Golden Syrup (more for the tin than the contents: a) it's not very low-carb and b) to bake anything here I'd need to go back and buy British flour and sugar etc as the Spanish brands are completely different and friends have had VERY mixed results when baking)
  • and finally...Chocolate Angel Delight (not my idea. I adored the ads when I was a kid but whenever we had some, I thought it was icky)