Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photos of the Day 26, 27, 28

Oh, I did have a lovely birthday. Starting on the beach, with croissant de chocolate and hot coffee, as pictured. 15 degrees C - perfect. Then my Spanish exam result (I passed), then delicious lunch, then time for lunch to digest before cocktails, dinner and then more drinks with friends till about 2am.
All of which means that I don't have a photo of the day for the 27 as I didn't leave the flat... (white wine? What was I thinking? White wine never agrees with me)
Then this morning I queued to enrol in the second term of the Spanish course. Not so warm today - my feet froze after thirty-five minutes. Forgive the low-res picture, which shows just some of the massive queue for enrolment, but the gorgeous new iPod I got for my birthday turns out only to have a video camera, not a stills camera, which seems v v bizarre. But I love it otherwise. Planning to investigate all the functions, including the pedometer!


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