Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photo of the Day 5: Three Kings

While the UK struggled back home from work through the snowdrifts, last night half a million Catalans came out to watch the Reyes Magos parade through the centre of Barcelona. I've never seen Three Kings before, but it was stunning. The procession lasted a good forty-five minutes and we barely noticed the drizzle. OK, so there was a high risk of eye injury from the concerted sweetie-throwing (some old hands turned their umbrellas upside down to maximise their catch), and further risk because the locals are not great on umbrella etiquette generally (as rain is much rarer than at home). And I didn't quite see the traditional religious significance of the scary giant alien baby, or the Betty Boop style doll with mismatched eyes. But it was a stunning spectacle, all the better for a glass of vino tinto or two afterwards. Hmmm. That no alcohol pledge lasted four days, then.
P.S: sorry about the gaps between the pix, have spent ages and can't fix it without deleting them, grrr.



Blogger ChrisH said...

Sounds as if Betty Boop met an umbrella-wielding Catalan! Great photos.

11:40 am  
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