Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photo of the Day 3

Wehey! Managed to do some proper writing today, first time in ages. Part of my lack of progress has been due to excesses of chocolate and booze. Part of it's been because I've been tweaking a tricky chapter that I wanted to get right before moving on.

But I'm aiming most of the blame right here:

For a writer, there's something very painful about reading a book that is as pitch perfect as One Day. I had heard plenty of good things in advance - not least from Jess Ruston in her review of the book for Read Like a Writer - but even so, when my friend Mary gave me her copy, I wasn't sure I'd like it. I'm not a big fan of hyped books, in general.
But ooo! It's seriously bloody good, so that at first I was rationing myself to a year at a time (the book's central novelty is that it tells the story of two characters by returning to them on the same day each year). Then I couldn't bear the rationing any more.
Some of the brilliant things about it: the flawed but likeable central characters, the warmth, the humour, the humanity, the funny observations. If this doesn't win a heap of awards, then something's very wrong with the book world. A tie with the Guernsey Potato Pie book for my favourite in the last year. No, actually, I think One Day wins...
I finished it, in floods of bittersweet tears, this lunchtime, which is why it's my Photo of the Day. I then went to amazon to read what other people thought - am I the only one to do that AFTER reading a book or seeing a film that I've loved? - and was gobsmacked to see the one- and two-star reviews alongside the glowing ones. There's a lesson there about not pleasing all the people all the time but for now I will bask in that weirdly joyful yet bereft mood that always accompanies finishing a book you've loved.
(Thanks, Mary!)



Blogger ChrisH said...

Congratulations on writing again, now that the last of my visitors are wending their way home I'm really looking forwards to getting back to it.

I know what you mean about writer's envy - I'm also torn between huge admiration and total despair when I read a book that stops me in my tracks. I'll look out for that.

Finally a big thank you to you for the Novel Racers and for you lovely comments. Here's all the best to you for the next decade too - may you go from strength to strength.

2:29 pm  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Well done for jumping back in the saddle again - I have too and to be honest it feels good.

Will look for the book.

Happy New Year

5:18 pm  
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