Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo of the Day 25: bad taste

My dental history is chequered. As a result of too many close encounters with the drill, I am on the look out for anything that might help me hang onto my teeth for as long as possible. So I bought the innocuous-looking Corsodyl Daily toothpaste from Boots when it was on promotion. I have used the Cordosyl mouthwash now and again - foul stuff that stains your teeth, makes your food taste rank, but does also help stop your teeth falling out if your gums are getting a bit lax.
The little diagram on the back should have been a clue.

Anyway, turns out that 'unique taste and sensation' is copy-writing code for 'this is THE MOST DISGUSTING TOOTHPASTE EVER.' It's hard to sum up the sheer evil of it. Imagine rock salt mixed with pink soap and a quick spray of some kind of herbal eco-perfume (like when you accidentally breathe in too soon after a squirt of eau de cologne), with added clay to give a claggy texture that ensures the taste won't disappear for at least twenty minutes after you've brushed. However, as it cost £2.99, and the diagram promised increased product satisfaction over time, I decided to keep going. It became a ritual, morning and night, to see if I could endure.
And guess what? You can get used to pretty much anything. In fact, I wonder if they made it extra nasty on purpose. I also wonder if that's a peculiarly British, or maybe Western, view: that in order for something to do you good, it must taste foul (see also, cod liver oil).

My gums seem quite peachy so far, though.


Blogger ChrisH said...

Wishing you a gumtastic birthday tomorrow!

7:42 pm  
Blogger Calistro said...

Urrrggh! I tried this toothpaste recently and it's DISGUSTING! Spat it out straight away. Give me Colgate any day! :)

4:47 pm  

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