Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo of the Day 16: Ganchillo Day

I might just be the nightmare student for an amigurumi teacher. My crochet is self taught... I hold my hook like I'm doing battle with the yarn... and Spanish is a (very poor) second language for me. But I did think that it might be useful to take a course, to improve both my vocab and my stitches...
The teacher, Nuria, has the patience of a saint, as well as a lovely line in crocheted cacti, and so this morning I've been getting to grips with puntos bajos and anillos and cadenetas.
This doesn't yet look like anything, of course, but it's pleasingly regular and a very pretty chick lit pink. She also gave us a simple pattern for a borro - a cap - and so I had to go right back to the wool shop and buy some ridiculously fussy yarn to see if I can do it. I actually think the yarn looks nicer in photos when blurred, though: in focus it has a rather pubic quality (though luckily not in real life)...


Blogger Rachel Cotterill said...

That's the most amazing pink! I've never taken lessons in crochet, I'll be interested to hear what tips/tricks/techniques you learn. Do you use ravelry? That's my #1 source of patterns these days.

2:07 pm  
Blogger Debs said...

Love the colour of that gorgeous pink yarn. How clever to crochet those cactus.

5:13 pm  
Anonymous said...

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