Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo of the Day 15: Mutton, lamb, sequins

I would say that, in general, stuff you buy in Barcelona is more expensive - whereas eating/drinking out is cheaper than the UK. But the sales/rebajas are something else: a full-on retail reductions frenzy. So today I braved the shopfloor - I haven't dared so far - and bagged the following, for under 60 Eur.
Green and red are my favourite colours - I've never had my colours 'done' but now I zone straight into those shades. The top has sleeves like those little paper cuffs you used to get on legs of lamb, so perhaps, as it came from Mango, I should call it my 'mutton dressed as lamb' top. Only downer - as a curvy UK size 12, I do balk at having to buy EXTRA-large sizes here.

But my favourite is definitely the bag. Rarely do you find an evening bag large enough to take more than a lipstick and a teeny tiny phone. Which, as a clutterbug, I find impossible. This one could almost hold my netbook! Hoorah for rebajas!
PS: apologies for three posts today. Gone a bit blog-crazed.


Blogger Debs said...

I love your purchases, especially the bag and that glorious red dress.

6:16 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

I love that bag! Have to be honest , the colours of the clothes wouldn't be for me, though.

7:21 am  

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