Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Decade/Photo of the Day 1

Happy new decade, everyone! How are the tweenies* for you so far?

My decade's going well, thirty-six hours in. And I am also embarking on a new project for my blog, the Photo of the Day. One of my resolutions is to take more pictures, so this is a great way to get started. The idea came from something similar my top writer friend Jacqui Lofthouse did, and so I am going to try to record a distinctive moment every day. I'm a decidedly average snapper, but the idea is to try to capture something different about the day. I have been writing a diary for many years, but I find it harder and harder to put the work in, perhaps because I am doing so much other writing... so thinking visually might be more fun.

After a cracking New Year's Eve on the (rather chilly but gloriously empty) beach in Barcelona, I was spoiled for choice with terrific, if blurry, images of the night. This is the one I've chosen, taken at just after midnight on Bogatell beach. You can see the city in the background, and the figure in the white coat is our host for the night, just before he ran into the waves (various other people did say they would but the reality of biting winds and scarily powerful breakers meant they stayed shore-side, where the cava was...).

* Following extensive debate, I have unilaterally decided to call the first few years of this decade the 'tweenies.' You know. That difficult age, between the innocent pleasures of childhood, and the hormonal urges of puberty. From 2010 to 2012, we will be indulging in long weekend visits to buy everything pink and sparkly from Claire's Accessories, and our walls will be covered in pin-ups of safe, clean cut members of boy bands.



Blogger Bethany Mason said...

Hey, I'm taking a picture everyday as well - a lot of my friends did it last year and I figured I could always use a new perspective. I won't be putting my pictures up in my blog (unless they are amazing) but wanted you to know that you won't be alone in this venture.

9:34 pm  
Blogger Robyn said...

Hi Kate. Thanks for the inspiration... I sometimes struggle for content ideas so I've decided to take your lead and write seven posts based around photos. Good job!

Here's the first one:

3:39 pm  

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