Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dog ate my homework and other excuses...

Bad blogger or what? The reasons are many and varied:
  • I’m trying to write 100,000 words by April and somehow blogging doesn’t seem as tempting by the time I’ve got to the end of my daily quota.
  • I am also trying to write a play, and a story for young adults. Neither earning me any money but it’s good to stretch the brain.
  • When I’m not writing, I’m trying to learn to play the piano, from scratch. It hurts my head.
  • When I’m not writing or tinkling those ivories, I am at the gym. Amazing but true. I love it!
  • When I’m not writing, gymming or trying to play the piano, I am playing Star Worse on the Wii.
  • The credit crunch. God, it’s depressing. As a fully signed-up Marvin the Paranoid Android, I believe we’re likely to be a bankrupt nation by the end of the week. Worst thing is, so do experts. That’s not good.*
  • The credit crunch has, very recently, hit very close to home. Not going into details, but it makes the future seem even more uncertain. That might be uncertain in a good, life-changing for the best way, but it’s still change. I am like my cat. Not good with change. OK, I don’t scratch the carpet or wee in briefcases, but if I could get away with it, I might see if it helps.

Thank you to all the fab people who have bought The Secret Shopper's Revenge – it’s been doing so well, and I am thrilled. It’s due in Tesco this week, and also seems to be at a very low price on amazon so if you haven’t bought it yet, you can still find it out there.

In fact, there is some breaking news. The response to Secret Shopper 1 has been so great that I'm writing Secret Shopper 2. The working title is The Secret Shoppers Unwrapped and it's due to be published in the Autumn. Which is yet another reason I might be a bit absent from the blogosphere for a wee while.

See you soon,

Kate xx

*NB: the only man who can save us happens to be my local MP, the marvellous Vince Cable. I love him so much I even stayed at The Vincent Hotel in Southport this weekend, in his honour. Boyf used to see him commuting to Westminster on the train. A) the man went standard class and b) he was on the early train. Nuff said. I wish he was in charge of everything…you know, if there was any justice in the world, the man had been picked for Strictly Come Dancing, I think there'd have been a coup by now (a very civilised one, no blood shed or anything) and things would look very different.


Blogger liz fenwick said...

Be honest Kate - it's really the Wii that's keeping you away from blogging????

These are crazy times and all of us are sitting on a wire in one way or another but do the strngth and courage of a blog friend who is facing something so bravely it keeps me focused on all the positives - like just being alive and well.


ps - you will be at the lunch won't you??

3:55 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

OOOps forgot to say brilliant news of the Secret Shopper 2!!!!!

3:56 am  
Blogger JJ said...

OK, I don’t scratch the carpet or wee in briefcases, but if I could get away with it, I might see if it helps.

Oh thanks for that Kate. I laughed out loud with the image. If you do need to resort to it, please let us know if it helps.

Fab news on the book. I really enjoyed it.

9:32 am  
Blogger Helen said...

Great news on secret sgopper 2 Kate, you know I really enjoyed it. Can I mention that on Trashionista?

11:43 am  
Blogger Jane Henry said...

Kate, I LOVE Vince Cable too. If he were in charge of the Lib Dems I'd definitely be voting for them again. I vote for our local MP who is Tory because he's a great MP not for his politics, but my natural inclination is Lib Dem.

Fab news about Secret Shopper and you know we're all on your side with the other stuffxxxx

12:05 pm  
Blogger Calistro said...

Great news about The Secret Shopper Kate! I've got my hard back copy sitting on the table beside me, just waiting to be read (need to finish "The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook" first - but I don't read much when I'm writing).

I'm astonished by your 100,000 words by April. I'm trying to hit 90,000 words by the beginning of June and THAT'S tough (currently on 20,000 words). You are busy aren't you - you make me feel positively slotherly (sp?) incomparison!

1:01 pm  
Blogger Debs said...

I can't wait for your next Secret Shopper to be published, I loved the first one. Congratulations.

8:24 am  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ooh, Secret Shopper 2, that IS good news - the kind we could all do with more of in these troubled times. Hope your uncertainty finds a positive resolution soon.

12:53 pm  
Blogger 日月神教-向左使 said...


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