Saturday, June 21, 2008

Publication week adventures

Thank you for the welcome back messages. Predictably, I am turning back into a bad blogger again. It is just a fact that fiction is more exciting than reality, at least in my life. I still haven't seen my book on the shelves, but lots of people have, and tell me it looks most fetching...

Publication week was lovely. I had a delightful lunch with my publishers. I don't often use the word delightful - it seems like something the Queen would say - but it seems to fit the very civilised St James' restaurant in Fortnum and Mason (after a very disappointing afternoon tea in their cafe on the ground/first floor a while ago, I've realised that going up a couple of floors is a much better idea). It was like a cross between a gentle, high-class seaside hotel, and an Englishwoman's vision of heaven: soft colours, unobtrusive service, menus you can hide behind. I could imagine people sitting in the same room for between-the-wars assignations (I'm thinking Brief Encounter), or enjoying rare treats in the still-rationed late forties. Though they probably didn't have Onion Tarte Tatin with Goat's Cheese. More likely Chicken Veronique and Bakewell Pudding, perhaps with a nice glass of sherry.

Then I went out with friends to the more raucous Salt Yard in Fitzrovia (I think that's what you call the area, one of those mysterious bits of London I don't know too well), where we each ordered different plates of cheese: four types of goat's cheese (there we go again, the saviour of the Noughties Vegetarian), three types of Manchego with membrillo, a gooey Italian selection and one I was too cheesed out to recall. Plus amazing courgette flowers, battered, drizzled with honey, and filled with...guess what? (It's white, it's creamy and it comes from four-legged hairy creatures that live up mountains) I thought they were delicious but my friends weren't so keen. Great. I got them all to myself!

Every time I have a book published I wonder whether it's right to celebrate - it seems a bit self-indulgent - but people in offices waste no opportunity to celebrate the end of projects, or bonuses, or even just the fact it's Friday! And also my friends seem to get a buzz from it too. Whenever I am in the middle of a book, and don't feel that I'm getting anywhere...or whenever I walk into a bookshop and can only see titles from other authors - they remind me how lucky I am and how amazing it is that I get to do this AND get paid for it.

And do you know what? They're SO right.

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Blogger JJ said...

And your friends are right. You really should celebrate it - it's such an achievement. Well done.

1:52 pm  
Blogger Debs said...

I want to go and have a meal at Fortnums now. It sounds heavenly.

Of course you should celebrate. Your book sounds wonderful, I can't wait to read it


9:57 am  
Blogger CC Devine said...

Of course it's right to celebrate such an achievement. As you say, people celebrate all sorts of things and it's not every day that a gal publishes a novel.

I say that you need to celebrate a bit hard, next stop The Wolsley thereafter Claridges! Both are so lovely and you feel transported into another time and place. If only my budget would stretch to frequenting such places on a regular basis!

1:41 pm  
Blogger Fiona said...

Don't forget, Kate, you may love what you do but you also work b..... hard. You deserve a bit of pampering m'dear.

Btw, have you put your book on that website Cally mentioned on her blog? Rabbit something. I have registered - just not registered the name in my brain.

8:59 am  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

It's essential to celebrate. And, as an aspiring writer, I love to read about such celebrations, so thank you for blogging it.

10:01 am  

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