Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a note for WOW readers

Hello and thanks for popping in, especially if you've arrived from Beth's excellent feature on blogging at the WOW! Women on Writing site.

As you'll probably notice, I am in Snooze mode currently in blogging terms (as real life matters are keeping me very busy indeed), but the Novel Racers have declared independence and now operate over at - they are a very lovely, friendly bunch so do pop over there and I am sure they would welcome you, if you'd like to join in...


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Blogger Jude said...

Hi Kate

We have missed your regular blog. Do hope you keep it up. Was wondering if I could bother you a with a very quick agent question? As new writer, I'd really appreciate your advice...
My email address is
Would love to hear from you...


10:02 am  
Blogger Bear said...

hi Kate, could you possibly let me know a bit more about the novel racers? such as what you do, etc? I write and I'd love to join, I just want to understand it better first!


6:03 pm  

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