Friday, May 18, 2007

Coffee Break 18

Bad literature of the sort called amusing is spiritual gin...
George Eliot

I have found the secret of travelling by Tube (or, in fact, on any public transport): carry an enormous bunch of flowers. People smile at you and it's almost as if, by default, you become as appealing as the flowers, an aura of benevolence surrounding you wherever you go.

My publishers bought the flowers (some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, a pink explosion, with delicate rose fragrance) when we went out to dinner last night. The sun came out - as did the cocktail menu - and it was generally extremely jolly. The previous night I'd gone out with friends to celebrate too - and thank you for your messages and reports of sightings. Weeks like this make it all worthwhile.

So - after the hangover subsides - I am going back to planning book 6. The more I write, the more bouquets of goodwill I will deserve, eh? Obviously there are limits to this. If I really churn 'em out then the quality of flowers will tumble until I am lucky to get a spray of garage forecourt carnations...

How's everyone else doing this week?

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Blogger ChrisH said...

Well congratulations on the flowers because we all know about the blood sweat and tears that went on beforehand to deserve them. It's lovely to hear about your success but I also, and this isn't meant to sound churlish, feel a bit as if my nose is pressed against the glass watching all the fun and hoping to join in!

That feeling comes from the fact that Novel 1 is at such a crucial stage. I was actually getting on with Novel 2 (some more mapping out and word count at 3555) when I heard yesterday that Novel 1 will be looked at 'very shortly' by the agent it's been with. The wait has been agonising and knowing that a decision is imminent is even worse. I keep wondering how long 'very shortly' is? Twelve weeks? Twelve days? Twelve minutes if my baby lands in the reject pile?

I suppose what's required is a massive effort to concentrate on WIP. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks to you who have 'visited' me for making me feel welcome to the racers, I know it's going to help.

10:52 am  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

So glad it went well, Kate, and I hope you don't get PPD this time. I haven't written much this week, but I met with my first pair of feedback-givers last weekend and they were quite astonishingly helpful. There was some spirit-nourishing praise ('I really like the big themes', 'It is remarkably cohesive for a second draft, you've done a good job') and some very useful constructive criticism. I haven't started working with that yet, apart from some minor tweaks which definitely need doing, because I meet with my other pair of feederbackers early next week and I want to wait until I've got all the feedback together before I do anything major. But the feedback so far feels helpful and usable, so I'm very happy. And next week I get to start finding out how to do a third draft - all advice welcome!

11:06 am  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Beautiful photo of the flowers!Hope that you had a wonderful time with your friends. Have a great weekend!

11:14 am  
Blogger Helen said...

Only managed to do about 5000 words this week. Things are definately slowing down for me - there is always some excuse at the moment. Right, I'd better get back on with it. I'd like to get at least 2000 words down today.

11:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I seem to have frozen up. Did a few thousand this week, but I need a kick up the arse to really get going. I gave a rough synopsis to my bf to read, and we had a lively discussion about some of the larger themes in the book, which reassured me that I wasn't writing a load of cobblers after all :-)

Gorgeous flowers btw.
Have a good one! x

11:39 am  
Blogger CTaylor said...

Congrats on the flowers. How lovely!

I've written about 6,000 words since last Friday's coffee break and hit the halfway point of my novel on Sunday. Was elated initially but then the realisation that I had to write the same number of words all over again hit me and I felt my enthusiasm wane a little! plodding on. Am aiming to get the entire novel written in four months which means I have to write 750 words a day between now and July 15th (four months after I wrote the first word). Definitely do-able - I just can't afford to miss a day!

12:19 pm  
Blogger JJ said...

Congratulations Kate. It's all very exciting to be watching from here.

Well I haven't done very much this week, despite being home most of the week with a big hole cut in the sole of my foot. I thought I might get lots of work done, but pain and knuckling down hasn't really done it for me. I'm just confused by what I've done, where I'm going and how to get there... So today I tried the index card approach, which lasted about 12 cards then I typed it up, but that looks like it's working better.

So who knows... I may get there yet. All the best to everyone.

12:36 pm  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Fantastic flowers :-)

Sorry I didn't make to the coffee last week to say thank you for awarding me the prize. It really belongs to you and then Zinnia but I love books so I will say thank you :-)

On the writing front I realize that I am too close to A Cornish House to do anything worthwhile with it at present. So I am going back to the previous book August Rock fro rewrite 5! I have been plotting all week while in Budapest with dh. Yes, i did sight see too! I have to say I am finding the plotting easier now than when I begin a book. A bit backward I guess???

I am missing soooooooo many racers' profile. Please send them.

Thanks :-)

1:32 pm  
Blogger Lucy Diamond said...

Sounds like you are having a great week, Kate, hoorah. (Hope the hangover has floated away by now!)

I haven't added a lot to the word count this week, as I printed off the whole thing so far and went through cutting and slashing with my red pen, and making notes for all the new sections that need to go in. Sigh. So I am battling with it, rather, but I know it's for the good of the novel, so will keep pushing along...

1:48 pm  
Blogger sheepish said...

Hi everyone, lovely flowers Kate,hopefully one day we may all have a publication to celebrate.

I have only managed another 1200 words this week but I am still getting inspired each time I go for a run, the problem is finding time to write in between the non-stop running!!!!!!!

Seriously though i am feeling a bit better about my wip at the moment so am hoping to crack on now.

Have a productive week everyone.

3:04 pm  
Anonymous Dave Hill said...

I wish I deserved a bunch of lovely flowers. A droopy old dandelion is about all I've earned. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh. But, thing is, I'm not going to complete my Mad Novel and have it self-published before the Cup Final kicks off tomorrow. I did try really, really hard and I did get into the final third of it but late on Tuesday night I was forced to admit to myself that it couldn't be done. Still, I'm going to press on and I hope complete it over the next few weeks. It won't have lost all its topicality and the exercise will still be educational. Best wishes to all.

3:24 pm  
Blogger B.E. Sanderson said...

Flowers always seem to brighten up a day. I spent yesterday planting the front garden full of pretty annuals.

This week has been another non-writing week, but I have made progress sending out queries and editing, so it's not all bad. This weekend has to be devoted to writing, though, or my head is going to explode from holding in all the ideas.

Congrats to everyone on their progress.

3:33 pm  
Blogger Jen said...

Ooh, gorgeous flowers! How lovely!

Sadly, I deserve a wilting weed for my efforts this week. Zero words but lots of thoughts.

New concerted timetable needed - I read somewhere that the writing needs to be timetabled in like proper work, not just slotted in between all the other stuff a week throws up. Common sense but not so easy to put into practice :(

5:42 pm  
Blogger Jane Henry said...

Have been totally pathetic this week and not another word has passed my keyboard. Don't really know why but seem to have stalled. Now I have four days to get where I wanted to be by half term, ie, about 25 000 words in. My chances of doing it.... er...zilch I think....

MUST do better...

Kate love the flowers and looking forward to reading the book.

7:39 pm  
Blogger A. Writer said...

Hi everyone!

The flowers sound lovely Kate!

I've had a mixed week. Entered the Miss Write competition last week. No hope of winning but I entered all the same.

Then this weekend I'm thinking of giving up completely. All matter of issues are involved in this decision. I have some serious thinking to do.

6:05 pm  
Anonymous Rowan Coleman said...

This is my second comment because Cally said to leave you one under your most recent blog. I am Rowan Coleman (Author of six adult book including The Accidental Mother and The Baby Group and four teen books, the Ruby Parker series) and am currently writing my sixth adult book, and am about 50K words in the first draft. Is it too late for me to join the race??? I need the inspiration! Rowanx

2:54 pm  

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