Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Target!

Word count: 70,309

Haven’t been blogging much outside the Friday coffee break, because I’ve been writing instead, and actually I’ve hit my March target this morning, so am pretty chuffed. Can’t allow myself much time for celebrations however, as I have told my editor that I will send the first draft to her by mid-April. It WILL be very first-drafty, of course, but it seems possible.

I’ve also revised the word count down a bit as I think this book won’t exceed 90,000 words and may even come down to 85,000, which will be nice for me as I usually write at about 120,000 words. It’s really because the plot of this one is much simpler – though it still involves three love affairs, deception, intrigue and lots about the psychology of why we fall for people.

I also spent a fantastically inspirational afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery, which I find much more exciting than the National Gallery – more into people than landscapes, I guess. I fell in love with this guy here (scroll down for his portrait), even though he’s been dead for over 250 years. rather cute, though, eh? I also bought TWO books which was very self-indulgent. One was Trafalgar Square through the Camera, which does what it says on the tin and has incredibly evocative wartime pictures, and the other was We Are the People, an amazing collection of postcards of people between about 1900 and 1950. The people are all anonymous, and you can’t help but wonder what on earth happened to the man who won a prize for his pickles, or the child dressed as a bunny rabbit.

And now it’s snowing outside.

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Blogger liz fenwick said...

Well done on reaching you March count ahead of schedule. The painter is rather nice btw :-)

4:17 pm  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Wow, what an amazingly productive week you've had! My week has been fairly productive too, although not in terms of writing alas - I did a fair bit last weekend but nothing since. I intend to change that in the next seven days... watch this space...

9:24 am  

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