Thursday, February 01, 2007

Touchy and Feely Covers

Word count: 31,148

Something strange has happened with blogger today - I can post, but I can't see my own blog, or several other blogs either.

Had the first full version of my slipcover for The Self-Preservation Society this week, and it features this amazing, touchy-feely 'flocked' style finish. The idea behind the jacket is that my central character, Jo, 'wraps herself in cotton wool' by avoiding all, as you'll see in this picture, she surrounds herself in, yep, a cotton wool stole.

Anyway, what the clever designers have done is to add this furry texture to the white bits - only the cloudy title so far, but the bottom bit will be done too. It's very unusual, don't think I've ever seen it before, and cries out to be stroked, I hope! Because if you can get a bookbuyer to pick up a copy, then you stand a better chance of them buying it. An additional, curious benefit is that the cloud now very slightly resembles a mushroom cloud. Which, as the book is partly inspired by being a scaredycat child of the 80s who believed death by H-bomb was inevitable, is rather neat.

After a hectic day back at the University yesterday, I have been researching and writing today and trying to work out whether I will be more or less productive if I go for a walk by the river. On balance...I am going to head out in a minute as the sun is shining.

Oh, and I promise I will sort out new racers, once I can get access to my blog.



Blogger liz fenwick said...

Great cover Kate! Can't wait to feel it :-)

7:47 pm  

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