Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day Nurse at Night and Other Errors

Word Count: 42,175

Tip 1: Never take a Day Nurse cold capsule after about 9pm. Or with champagne over a Valentine's meal. Something about that combo has given me insomnia and I am one of the world's most accomplished sleepers.

Book has been moving slowly this week due to marking mountain from my college work. I have new sympathy with the people whose job it is to read the slush pile: not because the work is bad, but just the quantity. The other interesting thing is how much difference it makes if the work is correctly presented - after marking 32 assignments, just having the papers in the wrong order, or a peculiar typeface or layout, is enough to send me into a fury...Tip 2: always follow submission guidelines TO THE LETTER if you're looking for an agent.

By the way, say hi to two new novel racers, Peg and Lisa, now listed under the novel race banner. Incidentally, if you do ask to sign up, I promise I will do it but please bear in mind it may take a few days due to the fact that I hate html and try to do changes in bulk if possible...on the other hand, if it's taken me more than a week, do email me via my website to remind me!


Blogger B.E. Sanderson said...

:waves: Hi new racers!

Sorry you had a rough night. 'Day Nurse'? I'm assuming like Dayquil, but it's something only available on your side of the pond. You have my sympathies. I hate taking medicine.

4:01 pm  
Blogger hesitant scribe said...

Hello, and thank you for adding me to the race - although have come to a grinding halt due to teaching commitments at the end of each week :( I'm still going in long hand, just haven't typed it up and added it on yet!

As for the marking - I'm so glad I'm not the only one driven mad by peculiar fonts/no double spacing/endless typos/etc. I've just finished marking a batch of undergrad essays and by half way through was sick to death of writing the same old comments about following submission guidelines! I wonder what part of "use double spacing" and "reference your sources" they don't understand. Am I being too harsh or just being a grump in my old age!?

Hope you're feeling better. I've had the lurgy for about 3 weeks now, and fed up sniffling my way through lectures!

7:10 pm  

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