Monday, February 19, 2007

Cold Remedy and Champagne Cocktail

Word count: I am not even looking, as it's the same

Poor Zokutou Word Meter seems to be under the weather. I know how it feels. I am usually a great believer in drugs for all ills, so as soon as cold symptoms appeared I stocked up on cold remedies. Only instead of the branded ones, I went for some own-brand ones. And that's where the trouble started.

There's a day capsule, stuffed full of caffeine to keep you alert during waking hours. Then there's a night capsule, with secret sleeping potions, which I very rarely use as I have no trouble sleeping usually. But they are not at all clearly labelled, especially for one whose faculties are already reduced. So I have accidentally taken the Night Ones during the day, not a good plan at the annual party hosted by my publisher. These events are truly glam and so I took not just one but TWO capsules. To pep me up, you know.

I had a lovely time. The champagne was flowing (and flowing) and as usual I was trying endlessly to find the waiters who happened to have the few vegetarian canapes (there were sausages on sticks, salmon, eggs benedict with haddock, all sorts...and occasionally a fab and groovy mini-baked potato, or salsa tart thing). I did eat beforehand, but even so felt surprisingly drunk, surprisingly quickly. By the end of the evening I was feeling less than 100 per cent on this planet. Well, I am only ever about 80 per cent here, but even less than normal. As a result I was chatting to complete strangers. Not that I was making any sense, mind you, but I was having a lovely time. Oh yes. Not so the poor people I was chatting to.

I woke up on Friday, feeling groggy but not hungover at all. Weird. I had to get organised for this Rom Com day yet felt other-worldly. Arguably not a bad state for a day about romantic writing...

It was only on Saturday at 3am when I WAS having trouble sleeping and remembered I had some night ones in the box, that I found the night-time blister pack and discovered two missing...and through a process of elimination, worked out what I'd done. I then took one of the pills (at 3am) and was in grog-central all yesterday.

I don't know if you remember but years ago there was a rumour amongst adolescents that you could get very drunk on aspirin mixed with Coca Cola (don't try that one at home) - now I seem to have stumbled on the adult version. I shall call this cocktail Kate's Downfall: Champagne, empty stomach, Night Cold Remedy capsules.

And to top it all, my cold is still going strong, with a nice fluorescent chesty cough to go with it. You know those green Post-It notes? That colour.

PS: we have a couple more novel racers. If you're a novel racer and want me to email you the updated code, let me know. And does anyone know an alternative word counting meter if Zokutou problem is terminal?


Blogger JJ said...

I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so rough (alcohol and night and day medicines? It sounds a bit similar to my parallel universe of living in a different time zone - my blog 8 Feb). This might cheer you up, though. Yesterday I went into one of our book shops (imported English lang books) where I managed to get hold of a copy of 'Brown Owl's Guide to Life'. All the way over here in Bangkok!

I'll let you know how I get on with it. Hope you're feeling better soon though.


9:10 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Oh, Kate. I can only imagine ho you must have felt...those night capsules knock the hell out of me.

Now for word meters does them but its now by invite only. Rachel uses them. Do you think she could invite us all???

Mind you i have nothing to update. Should be writing now and not reading blogs..

9:27 am  
Blogger Portia Da Costa said...

Sorry to hear about you being under the weather and your mishap with the capsules!

Re. progress meters. I use the one at Evolution Writers.

I think you can use it without signing up with them, but there's more choice of style if you sign up. It doesn't cost anything and you can post your meter in a variety of different places, then update globally at the Evolution site. V. nifty! I love that feature!

Take care



10:20 am  
Blogger leatherdykeuk said...

The writertopia meters aren't invite only. The closed section of the site is for workshops, markets, and portfolio management. I'm not a member there.

Good luck with the cold. Go and get some echnacia capsules from the local health food place and take three, four times a day. You'll soon be well.

10:36 am  
Blogger leatherdykeuk said...

I meant Echinacea. Sorry.

10:38 am  
Blogger Helen said...

I've just changed mine to the one Portia recommended at Evolution

Under Member Tools in the left hand bar click on Progress Meters then when the page comes up click on Add Meter. I became a member but not sure if you have to. I only had to give my email address, nothing else.

11:15 am  
Blogger hesitant scribe said...

I'm sorry to hear you've got the lurgy too. I've been sniffing and coughing for about 3 weeks now. I've just been trying to ignore it, but so far it is ignoring all attempts to shift it. The worst thing is having to keep doing the school run and the rest of the domestic stuff, while trying to keep on top of work as well. Unlike hubby who caught man-flu and went to bed for two days!

Thanks to all for the word meter links - I'll definately waste a few hours writing time playing around with those!

3:02 pm  
Blogger Nichola said...

I use this one:

There's one further down the page with a 'mood' cartoon as well which you can adjust according to how well your day is going, but it's a bit large for a blog, so I use the 'picometer'; I like that it shows your percentage.

Anyhoo - Kate; I hope you feel better soon, but I confess to getting a teeny weeny case of the giggles. The thought of someone getting drunk on cold remedies and champagne is just too posh for words! (Sorry). Look after yourself.

I'm not sure if I should use the comments to introduce myself as a racer - I might wait 'til the next Friday coffee morning and do it then. I'll keep you in suspenders! :D

3:20 pm  
Blogger B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks guys. The Evolution meter is awesome. And it's easily customized if they don't have a color scheme to fit your blog. =o)

4:16 pm  
Blogger Belinda said...

Try I installed their word meter today on my blog. Easy to use.

4:38 am  
Anonymous Lawmummy said...

I would love the updated code and I can't seem to find your email. Can you send it to me? My email is lawmummy (at) comcast (dot) net.

4:16 am  
Blogger Julia Buckley said...

I had a similar time of it a couple of weeks back. Does make you appreciate being healthy when you get better tho!

6:25 pm  

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