Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bump on the head

Word count: 40,990

Being of a slightly deaf persuasion, I don't always hear my mobile. Last week I didn't hear it so it decided, aided by its vibrate function, to jump off the sideboard unit thing. This suicide bid was unsuccessful but it did result in the phone losing its ring. Which, in turn, led to a very annoyed boyfriend as I had to be LOOKING at the thing to know it was ringing. And though the life of a novelist isn't quite non-stop thrill, I do have better things to do with my life than stare at my mobile.

Cue much hilarity. Not. Things like boyf forgetting his house keys at 6am, coming back to the house, calling my mobile to let me in. Of course, I was asleep. He then rang the doorbell - which is very loud but even so, I couldn't hear it. No idea what woke me in the end, except it might have been the cat jumping on me, Skippy or Lassie-style, to raise the alarm. Boyf not happy.

So then I began the horrid task of trying to choose a new moby. I do think we are UTTERLY unprepared for this. When I were a lass....there was only one sort of phone, a beige one supplied by British Telecom or the Post Office or whatever it was called back then, and you had to RENT it 'cos it was so expensive.

Now there are trillions of them. And trillions of deals. And it makes my head hurt. I think there should be lessons in school on choosing consumer electronics. There probably are. In the meantime, the moneysavingexpert website has offered lots of sensible advice. Am very tempted by a Smartphone but will I ever have time to learn it?

Which is why I was hugely relieved when this morning I didn't hear the mobile alarm ring (as, you guessed it, it doesn't ring any more) and it vibrated off the bedside cabinet and GUESS WHAT, in a human-being-awoken-from-coma-due-to-second-bump-on-head-miracle, the ring came back. Hooorah.

So if you've lost any of your faculties over the years, you know what to do.

In other news, my friend Matt Dunn has become only the sixth man in history to have his book shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. Go, Matt. His book, The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook, is VERY funny indeed and I hope he wins!


Blogger Sezzie said...

Hi Kate

I know what you mean....
I am looking for a new mobile and it is all just too confusing!

I'm afraid my Blog is a bit behind with my life at the moment - although on a good note, it does mean that my word meter is not a true reflection of my actual word count - which is now teetering on the edge of 90,000.

Anyway - I am struggling to motivate myself to finish the damn thing as I am too keen to get on with the editing part - so on that note I have printed the whole thing out to start scribbling on and generally mark what needs changing, where things need adding in, taking out etc.
I had a bit of a moment when I looked at all the paper in my hands and thought - 'Oh my god, I did that'.

Am I mad, do you think, or does this sound like a vaguely sensible plan?


10:55 am  
Blogger Peg said...

Ugh. I never used to hear my cell ringing even with the very loud ring tone mainly because I kept forgetting I had one!

On another note, I joined your great novel race before setting up my blog, but I do now have one if you want to list it: http://jerseygirlwrites.blogspot.com.
Thanks! Peg

2:35 pm  
Blogger Jane Henry said...

Kate, I am so anti mobile phone I have a cheap n cheerful Pay as You Go. I only have it for the odd occasion I need to summon my husband in a hurry, and he invariably turns his off.

Am no doubt going to be subjected to HUGE pester power when the first tyglet goes to secondary school in Sept. Am thinking of giving her my really crap one and getting a new one, on the basis if she has a crap old one, no one will mug her.

On the upside, it does take photos and I have a cute picture of the sprogs as my wallpaper (also saves me carrying photos around - I always assume no one wants to know what my children look like, so it is a surprise if anyone ever asks).

As to word count. Don't ask...

It's half term, so we've just been to the GP, bought shoes, booked eye appointments, bought mental maths books, been to Pizza Hut and seen Charlotte's Web.

And it wasn't the children who cried...

OH and have finished and LOVED Brown Owl. Will email you later!!

3:39 pm  
Blogger Nichola said...

Hello Kate

(Hope you don't mind me using your first name)!

Been reading through your blog and find the process of idea-to-published book fascinating.

Also recently bought a copy of Brown Owl; can't wait to get started on that!

5:17 pm  
Blogger hesitant scribe said...

Hi Kate,

I'm not sure where else to ask, but how can I get involved in the race? It's just what I need to get me motivated. After reading your blog yesterday I've written 3,252, and am inspired to just keep going - and ignore the internal censor! I can always fix it later right!

Anyway, I've added the word counter to my blog, and will keep ploughing along, and popping back to see how all of you are getting along. I'm mighty impressed I have to say!

12:24 pm  

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