Sunday, January 07, 2007

Voucher rich, cash poor time of year

Word count: 6,459

So I just opened my purse and out fluttered multiple receipts, gift vouchers for 5 different shops...and £1.58. Yes, it's that time of year. I do like gift vouchers, but the temptation to use M&S ones for salad and milk, for example, or the John Lewis ones on a nice big post-Xmas delivery from Ocado (who have even set up a virtual 'healthy aisle'), makes me feel I am looking a gift voucher horse in the mouth or something. Seems ungrateful, eh? I also have £12 from Unilever after their Persil capsules kept clinging to washed clothes, resembling nothing so much as pieces of shredded condom. Not a good look.

Have put vouchers away again and indulged in free things: another long walk along the Thames (after a delicious one in Bushy Park in the pouring rain yesterday); reading other people's papers in cafes at lunchtime (let's forget about the £9.20 on late breakfast for 2) and window-shopping in lovely Heal's before deciding we didn't actually need a gumball dispensing fruit machine, even if it was reduced from £25 to £17.50.

No words done this weekend though on Friday I also did some edits to what I shall call Book 5 Option B. I have written 10,000 words of that one (before Xmas) and once I also reach that point with Book 5 Option A I shall compare and contrast and try to work out which of the two has bestseller written all over it. Of course, Book 5 might turn into Book 6 (assuming there will be a Book 6) but then again, I have another, better idea for Book 6. Sometimes I wish the ideas would stop. But then they are the BEST bit.

Oh and Public Lending Right - which the fessingauthor very aptly describes as the nearest a writer gets to a city bonus - arrived yesterday and showed that around 23,000 people borrowed my books last year. Another reason to LOVE libraries. This equates to a very nice bonus sum but alas it doesn't arrive in my bank account for another month. there anything edible I can buy with Unilever vouchers?


Blogger Portia Da Costa said...

Ah, PLR... sigh...

Pity us poor saps in the ghetto genres who barely get more than a pony, if we're lucky!

5:23 pm  
Anonymous Keris said...

I've had that same problem with Persil capsules! Never thought to complain. I will if it'll net me £12 though! Cheers! :)

2:13 pm  

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