Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My 250th post to date!

Word Count:15,295

Wish me a happy blog day as this is my 250th contribution to the blogsphere. Today I have:
  • completed the first draft of my play for the Start Writing course;
  • been for a walk along the Thames and ended up with such cold hands that it took 25 mins for my fingers to thaw enough to type this;
  • tried hard to avoid checking my email or surfing the web (only partly successful, but am trying to email in BURSTS and then shutting it down);
  • taken photographs of our dodgy guttering to send to boyfriend's dad to diagnose which part we might need;
  • written and sent a pitch for a newspaper feature;
  • not done much novel. But I am about to fix that. Just because it's gone dark does not mean I am allowed to down tools. Oh no.

PS: we have another new racer, China Blue. I am sure she will introduce herself on Friday if not before...


Anonymous Jen said...

Hey, Happy 250th Post!

Have been reading through your list of today's accomplishments and am feeling quite peeved at just how ruddy CAPABLE you are! It's good though. Inspiring.

Have let Number 2 son skive school to bake ginger & choccie flapjacks. Am going to write now. I will be ruddy capable too! Just you wait and see!!

Writing in the dark is better somehow. Not sure why. A sensory thing perhaps? Hmmm.

6:21 pm  
Blogger Lucy Diamond said...

Kate, you are scorching ahead! I might have to resort to Dastardly and Muttley styley plans to slow you down, a few tin-tacks on the road to puncture your tyres, a diversion sign pointing to a cliff-edge...or am I taking this a bit too seriously?

Utterly brilliant news about the squillionth reprint of Brown Owl btw and well deserved. This is turning out to be a super soaraway start to 2007 for you!

7:56 pm  
Blogger sheepish said...

Congrats on 250 blogs, and the reprints you must be thrilled. I have managed 3 posts so far so have a little way to go yet!!!!

See you for coffee tomorrow.

9:18 am  
Blogger Sezzie said...

Happy Belated Blog Day!

I have achieved nothing this week so far, due to my unusually manic social life.

I plan to correct this tonight as I hope to be very smug at coffee tomorrow and announce a significant word-count!

11:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy belated 250th. I'll drop by tomorrow and introduce meself properly :)

9:07 pm  

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