Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Googling symptoms and coffee shops for writers

Word count: 25,261 (but they're not good at all)

Have had weird, tingly neck and earache since yesterday which has been making me feel worried. It's a very short trip from googling one's name to googling one's obscure medical symptoms, and neither are healthy.

Am now convinced I have the early stages of Bell's Palsy. This is a paralysis of the facial muscles, so I keep pulling faces at myself in mirrors to check whether it's kicked in. So far so good. I've never thought of myself as a hypochondriac but perhaps this is only because my adult life has been, very luckily, free of anything serious yet (my childhood was different, a long list of nasties). I know I run the risk of looking a total lemon by posting this but heck, I am in honest mode.

Chances are that all these symptoms are caused by the flesh-numbing cold.

Anyway, to get away from this stupid googling, I took myself to coffee shops today, first to meet a friend, and then for serious wordage. The ideal coffee shop for a writer should have: good coffee obviously; a few customers, but not too many; a quiet corner, preferably with a plug to charge your laptop if that's what you're using; big cups of coffee; brain-boosting sugary snacks (in a perfect world these would be somehow calorie-free); mind-stimulating music (jazz is good); natural light.

Ideally it shouldn't have: too many screaming babies in pushchairs with loud, braying, posh mothers (quiet, cute babies with non-braying mums are fine); too much smoke (a teeny bit is atmospheric and keeps braying mums away); a twat who thinks he is a photographer showing off, wandering round with his mobile shouting 'oh shit', and then spending three hours taking pictures of some rather ordinary looking girls.

Having said that, despite twat with a flash, I did get lots of words down, though they're a bit rubbish. Still, am 1/4 of the way there, calls for a minor celebration I think!

PS: If you've emailed wanting to join the Race, I promise to contact you soon!

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Anonymous Jen said...

Googling medical symptoms is the worst thing ever.

In the olden days, before t'internet, my mother had the most massive A-Z of medical ailments or whatever. The dictionary of death, we used to call it. Ace.

Your word count rocks!!

5:58 pm  

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