Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fellow writers and the joys of shared neuroses

Word count: 9,168

Lots of chatting last night on publishing matters at my writing group - and a wishlist encompassing new publishing deals for three of us, more time and flexibility for a long-term project for another, and me...well, I'm not sure I have a wishlist as such, apart from the words flowing, and of course people buying more of my books! I guess I'd also like to find a way to get both of my current ideas into print, as I like them both and don't want to have to choose. I read from Option A last night and it does feel younger and lighter to me...

I do love getting together with other writers: it makes you feel less bonkers. The stuff we fixate/dwell on is usually dull as hell for anyone else, so meeting people who share your neuroses is a) highly therapeutic and b) reassuring. You DO have to be a little bit crazy to do this work. No doubt. But swapping stories and worries makes you feel good crazy, if you get my drift.

Caroline has put me to shame with her fascinatingly detailed post about her desk, with great photos, which you must look at immediately: I have acute stationery envy. And Dave Hill has explained his multi-stranded approach to the Novel Race which proves that we have an extremely flexible approach to taking part, and you can mould this challenge to your own writing requirements (by the way, I have had a few emails about this but am horribly behind on organisational matters so promise to come back to you very soon if you're waiting...).


Blogger Caroline said...

I have deleted 14,027 words today ... I think that I'm going the wrong way. Think Mario Carts meets Wacky Races! I'm the one with the rubbish car, spinning in circles.
Caroline and her delightful stationary x

9:58 pm  
Blogger sheepish said...

Hi can I join the Great Novel Race. I am a complete novice but with big ideas. I have about 5k already but hope I can still join in as I need incentives to keep me going. And as I live in France some moral support would be a real bonus. Sheepish aka Vanessa!!

9:59 am  

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