Thursday, January 25, 2007

Early Coffee Break

Make mine a hot chocolate as I'm posting this early because I'm off somewhere very cold for my birthday!

How have we got on this week? I did all right in the beginning of the week, but have tailed off now.

Am planning to be multi-layered as it's Minus 11 in my destination, so I need to wrap up warm.

On second thoughts, I'll have a hot chocolate AND a pastry!


Anonymous Jen said...

Well, I've limped up to 8,625 or so. Have made the miraculous discovery that I just need to get up at 5.45 each morning to get an hour in before the boys get up and 'being mum' and horrid work take over. Little and often. It works. I even like what I've written. Hurrah!!

500 words per day
= 3,500 words per week
= 14,000 words per month

6 months to write an 85,000 word novel

Am terribly impressed by everyone else's amazing word counts though.

How's everyone getting on? Feeling fired up??

7:59 am  
Blogger Helen said...

Hello everyone. My name is Helen and I believe I'm the newest person the join the racers. I discovered Kate's blog after reading her Brown Owl book last week which has obviously led me onto everyone elses blogs. I am terribly impressed with it all and I thought The Race would be just the motivator I needed.

I have been writing my book alongside running a business and copywriting for a couple of years and it's only recently that I decided to just concentrate on the writing side of things. But I found it so hard to motivate myself in the morning and actually write the thing! Since joining the racers this week though I have added 4500 words to my first book which doesn't include the words I am going to write today...

This blogging thing is all new to me but I am looking forward to writing in the morning now, seeing what everyone else has written on their blogs and writing my own. It's like having a chat with colleagues around the kettle!

So in answer to Jen - yes incredibly fired up!

9:35 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

You're doing really well Jen. Keep it up.

Like Kate I have ground to a halt this week. I haven't written in two days and doubt anything will happen today as I am heading to Cornwall for the weekend. Maybe it will re inspire me. Actually that isn't the problem.

The problem is that I knwo my plot roughly and normally I let it run its course but now that I am 19,000 words into the story I am wondering if I need to introduce Mark's point of view. I have been telling the story form the 15 year old's and the 38 step-mum's but Mark story is cruial and I don't know if I can get there without writing in his voice???? However thyis will effect the pace.

So yesterday I printed off the 80 something pages and thought about reading what I have written. I didn't want to do this. I wanted to just run with the first draft and not look back!!!!!

Any one else having these problems?

Maybe I need an extro strong americano???

9:51 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Welcome Helen. Well done on the words :-)

9:52 am  
Blogger Lucy Diamond said...

Happy birthday Kate - have a good trip! And hello Helen - glad you've joined the race!

I'm up to 16,535 words now which I'm pleased about although it's not quite as far ahead as I'd hoped. Yesterday was one of those grit-your-teeth days for me where I deleted more than I actually wrote. Ouch. I think it was for the best, though, and the new bits I've added are in glamorous, exciting locations, so I enjoyed that!

I've got a lot of children's book deadlines coming up again, so can't see myself being able to get any further on the novel for a while, sadly. I'll be stalling at 16,500 for a few weeks I think while you lot all race ahead of me into the distance...

Jen - sounds like you are doing brilliantly. Hoorah!

Liz - sympathise re your dilemma. This is the first time I've tried more than one narrative and am finding it quite tricky keeping them running at the same pace. Hope you get Mark sorted soon.

Have a good weekend everyone
Sue x

10:06 am  
Blogger Jane Henry said...

I've finally entered the race as I have cleared all the other work I have, but... procrastination being my middle name I haven't er actually written anything yet. Mainly because I realised that though I have done a synopsis it is too vague and I prefer to work with a proper structure, so I am just in the process of building it...

I have done 1000 words of that. And some character studies, which always helps my plotting.

And I've got some music playing to inspire me.

I like using songs to get emotions across. So far I have:
The Boys are Back in Town, The Miracle of Love, The Weakness in Me, Sweet Child of Mine, Slipping Through my Fingers and Modern Way.

Joan Armatrading's The Weakness in Me is really helping inform the character of my heroine, so it is all adding to the overall process.

And maybe by next week I'll have got at least chapter one out of my head and onto my computer!

Kate, hope you have a great break and birthday!
love Jane

12:29 pm  
Blogger Sezzie said...

Hi everyone

Mine's a quick cuppa before I head off to the Cotswolds for a weekend in the country!

I won't be getting much done this weekend, but I have made up for it a wee bit this week, despite having been off work poorly.

I have now passed the 82,000 word mark, which is hugely exciting....don't worry Helen, I joined at 70,000 so it's really not that impressive.

I too am fairly new and can honestly say you have made a good move joining the race - it is very motivational and everyone is really encouraging.

Sue - thanks for your comment on my blog - really pushed me on this week to clock up a fair wad of words!

Liz - when I read your comments I think I am reading my own thoughts! I thought it was just me! I'm too new to this to advise really....just go with your instincts, even if it slows you down.

Jen - I admire anyone who can make themselves get up at 5.45am! I am very good at the intention, and very good at setting my alarm clock. Where I fall down is the getting out of bed bit!!

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Birthday Kate.


12:36 pm  
Blogger sheepish said...

Hi everyone, well it's been a funny old week. We had a heavy fall of snow on wed. night and the roads are still bad. We have a jeep but sods law rules and it lost all it's oil on the way to the village this morning. I had to go & rescue the OH in our other car and we only just made it home. We our now marooned unless we take the tractor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that should mean I get lots of writing done but -----well there's always a but, there is more to do for the animals.

However I have managed 1500 words this week to get me to 11k. I have only managed one blog entry but will do one today or tomorrow to stay on target.

Welcome to the new Racers and Happy Birthday to Kate. I am enjoying keeping in touch with like minded people especially when I can't get out, and it is good to see how everyone is getting on.

2:02 pm  
Anonymous Jen said...

Ooh, Happy Birthday Kate! Minus 11 - Gawd, you can't type in that!!

It's so nice to hear about how everyone is getting on.

Hi Helen - brilliant that you've joined the race. A bit scary seeing Kate race ahead but, you know, we're all chugging along at our own pace.

Liz: If Mark wants to tell his own story, I would let him? You can always zap him into thrid person again later but you have more idea who he is then?

Jane: Music works wonders! I've actually discovered all sorts of amazing music in the interests of 'research'.

Sezzie: Blimey!

Sheepish: Tractor races in the snow sound faberoony?!

Ms Diamond: It's amazing that you can juggle the two different types of writing so well. Nothing like having your balls in the air, is there?!?!?!? (Ok, thought I could lower the tone with you, that's why I left you til last!!!!!) :0) x

4:28 pm  
Anonymous Dave Hill said...

Surprise, surprise, useless bloke shows up late again. Hello everyone, especially newcomers. I've had a weird week largely due to my modem shuffling off its coil on Monday night and not being replaced until Wednesday afternoon. The nice thing was that my inability to file copy to the Guardian, surf the net, send or receive emails or generally blog about meant that on Tuesday I wrote a whole 1,000-or-so coherent words of my Mad novel. This means I'm back above the 9,000 word mark though still behind where I was a week ago when I, er, redeployed 1,500. Does this qualify as progress yet? Bit of a grey area, I'd say....

6:07 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

Hi all, apologies for uber-lateness. Workwise it's been an ok week, I'm up to around 24,000 words which is fab, and about to launch into the the main thrust of the novel. There are a couple of plot issues that I'm still trying to untangle and one in particular that is being a bit recalcitrant in coming unstuck, but I'm trying to just keep moving forwards and trust that it will become apparent soon enough. Have been a bit unwell so energy levels not the highest and am generally feeling rather January-ish.
Happy Birthday kate! Have a lovely time.

11:22 am  
Blogger Lucy Diamond said...

Jen, you cheeky minx, that really made me laugh. Clearly my reputation goes before me. Oh dear!

1:04 pm  
Blogger 黃立行Paul said...

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