Monday, January 08, 2007


Word Count: 7,965

Rather too much backstory in this morning's bit of Chapter Four, but that's inevitable at this stage. I am enjoying the process of getting to know my characters, and having fun with my London setting. It's the first time I've used London as the main location for a book, as for the previous four I was rather hung up on the 'don't go for any of the chick lit cliches like featuring a single woman, lots of vignettes about city life, or any stories about dating.'

And guess what, with Book 5 (or should I say Book 5 Option A? Option B is London-based but far less-romantic) I am breaking all my self-imposed rules, but keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough quirkiness in my 'voice' to make this stand out.

Meanwhile, in Novel Race News, we have more racers joining in the fun: one is the highly esteemed blogger Mr Dave Hill, who is going to be going a slightly non-linear route with his race to 100,000 as he has a variety of projects on the go.

We also have Hera, who says she hasn't felt this motivated since searching for the last fudge Quality Street on Christmas Eve...sounds like my kinda writer.

Moon Topples has shared his desk with his readers and jolly nice it is too. Very masculine, I think, with all that dark wood/leather. Like the Kermit pic, too.

Soon, I'm thinking we'll have a week where we post profiles of all our racers. So do join in if you fancy it!

Lovely Links of the Day:
Paperbackwriter has a fantastic Devil's Publishing Dictionary, which is very funny but also informative, good combination, folks!

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Blogger Caroline said...

I posted a picture of my desk yesterday.
The race is on.

2:24 pm  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Kate, you are blowing all away with your word count!!!

Thanks for introducing the new racers.

Can't post picture of desk as I am intransition from cramped desk top space to living free with lap Christmas present ever:-)


5:34 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Oooh, Caroline, sorry, will highlight your desk tomorrow. It's FAB! Loving the pens in particular...

And Liz, it's a flash in the pan. Am sure normal service - i.e. much agonising, few words - will resume soon!

7:46 am  
Blogger Jessica said...

Just wanted to say than you for this "Rather too much backstory in this morning's bit of Chapter Four, but that's inevitable at this stage." - It's ringing in my ears reminding me just to push on, as I battle with myself and my finger hovers over the delete on 9,265 words now and considering joining you in the race...

7:17 pm  

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