Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And managed a few more....

A fab rainy walk by the Thames got me up to 3,431, and I enjoyed it more this afternoon.

Have also managed to get through an entire day without spending a penny. No, not like that. My spending diary for the day is sterling-neutral: actually, better than that because after the long, dull Hillary's Blinds saga, I have finally had my money refunded. It took 7 emails, 2 recorded delivery letters, endless phone calls AND I still don't know whether it was them or my credit card company that capitulated, but the dosh has popped up on my statement. Hooray.

Yesterday I managed: £1.60 on a coffee, 50p on a book about the history of British holidays that was being chucked out by the library, and £0.00 on tweezers and moisturiser from Boots (I wasn't shop-lifting, I used my Advantage card points).

Lovely Links of the Day:
Sorry, can't remember whose blog this came from, but it looks super-cool, a year-long writing workshop from Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. I've also spotted Ian MacMillan's Writing Lab, a new series of programmes on BBC Radio 3, beginning this Friday at 10pm. Hmmm. Not a great time for the average dissolute would-be writer, but hey. Hopefully you'll be able to listen again on realplayer, plus there's a good basic guide to his approach and some tips here.

Anyone else watch This Life last night, by the way? Tolerably good for 40 minutes I thought, if only for the close-ups of wrinkles and dodgy haircuts (they're getting old too. Not just me!), then it turned plain daft. Bit of a missed opportunity...



Anonymous Jen said...

Hellooo. I rather enjoyed 'This Life' - though I'd primed myself to be disappointed. I quite enjoyed the rather pantomimey ending, quite fun as a one-off I thought.

The whole thing did give me a touch of the blues. Scary to see people I admired/fancied the pants off when we were young looking so old!! Arrgh!

(PS: Can I become Jen in your 'Racers' list? I looked in the mirror and don't look like a 'Jane' at all! Ta)

6:27 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Whoops, sorry Jen. Have changed it - and you're Jen at Spiral Skies, right?

Who did you fancy then? I was a sucker for Miles, and he's still cute-ish, despite daft hair.

7:14 pm  
Anonymous Jessica said...

I half watched it while making dinner and chatting to the husband, but the bits I saw I thought were pretty good. It was always going to have alot to live up to, and I think overall they did it rather well. Didn't like the not-an-overdose-after-all bit much though.

7:23 pm  
Anonymous Jen said...

Oh, thank you. The identity crisis was making me all peculiar. Jen at Spiral Skies will do just fine :)

Well, I must confess I had a thing of Eg(g?). And I still think he's a bit of alright actually. Don't tell him I said so though. Jack Davenport's yummy in The Talented Mr Ripley though. So many men, so little time eh?

7:59 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

I had a thing for Eg too and this was added to after watching Love Actually. I received a boxset of This Life DVDs for Christmas and I am loving watching them. They're still fab. Last night's had lost the edge that the series had. I feel rather sad about it.

10:10 pm  
Blogger Jane Henry said...

Kate, blimey you're powering away, and I haven't even started yet. No chance of that till next week and the kids are back at school, and the house is blitzed. I am not a tidy person, but I have an inability to work while the house is in chaos. I also need to go for a long run to get the opening scenes straight in my head.

Have been running over various scenarios for different bits of the book over the Christmas period while on long car journeys.

So far have a scene for the subplot involving a dirty dancing moment of truth when two characters suddenly realise their dancing is revealing what they feel for each other, the hero having a reunion with his mates from uni that will somewhere involve a blow up doll, a scene in which hero nearly loses his daughter and one in which he beds the heroine for the first (and last time if I have anything to do with it).

Am also working on songs as I like writing scenes to specific soundtracks.

So far have got:
The Boys are Back in Town
The Miracle of Love
Sweet Child of Mine
and if I can work out a way of using it
Black Eyed Boy.

Am itching to get started, so roll on next week...

(The children are probably going to be ill!)

Well done on your word count and your Heat Seekers appearance.

Having never been a brownie but having one daughter a guide and the other a brownie, I really should go out and buy it to nudge you further up the charts!

love Jane (aka Julia)x (I'm totally schizophrenic too...)

10:04 am  

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