Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Heaven

Hope you had a good night last night! I have decided to keep a numerical record of the year (according to the Times, people born on Merseyside are more creative and better at Maths – so that includes me! And it's true, I got a B at O Level).

Number of glasses of champagne drunk to see in New Year: 4
Number of enormous cheeses in the fridge left over from celebrations: 6
Number of unopened boxes of chocolates also threatening healthy eating resolutions: 5
Number of Milk Thistle pills taken to help liver recover: 2
Number of miles walked in Bushy Park this morning: approx 2
Number of book ideas I am desperate to write this year: 3 (yeah, that’s crazy, I know)
Number of resolutions I have: 4 (I plan to expand on these this week)

I was chatting to my mate G this morning and we both think that actually the beginning of the financial year is a much better day for resolutions, in that spring has sprung by then and it’s a less miserable time all round. But I can’t see it catching on.

As well as a word count, I am planning to keep a spending diary for the first couple of weeks of the year, to try to budget a bit better. I will post it here. Eeek.

January 1:
2 x Veggie breakfasts, 2 coffees, plus good tip to thank café owners for getting up on New Year’s Day: £12
Stationery (files, business card holder, my favourite v-grip pens): £61 (ouch)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I just loaded up on stationary as well. It must be a New Year thing. Tempt yourself at See Jane Work... but maybe not until you need a restock. ;)

8:41 pm  

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