Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cooking and teaching and so on...

Oooh, it's been a busy few days, hence lack of posts.

I have:
  • learned to make Italian hamper treats at the Caldesi cookery school. This is, of course, research! And then catching Giancarlo himself on the BBC2 series, currently being repeated.
  • finally seen the latest Bond. My favourite review so far says he has the body of a weightlifter and the face of a Nik Nak (a rather knobbly corn snack). Spot on! But surprisingly sexy, eh?
  • been to a PAWS (Public Awareness of Science) session which gave me some ideas for including scientists in fiction (though I do take issue with the idea of putting in 'token' women physicists, which is what could result from a heavy-handed approach).
  • eaten out FAR too much.
  • been to a writerly Christmas party and exchanged writerly gossip.
  • been back to the Beeb to train some more people in my old job (actually, it was more fun than it sounds, as I was listening to programme ideas and working with the rest of the group to improve them, always my favourite part of the job. If I'd only had the heels - and the sassiness - I'd have made a great commissioner)
  • wondered why my amazon sales had gone up a little (even though they STILL have the wrong date) and discovered - thanks to Shirl in a comment here - that it's probably because of SHE magazine recommending Brown Owl in their new copy. Hoorah for SHE! I loved that magazine back in the 70s when my Mum read it and I learned way too much about women's bodies in the Dr David Delvin (horribly appropriate, made-up sounding name, given that he was a gynaecologist?) column?
  • and finally, had the first sighting of the paperback of Brown Owl's Guide to Life. It was in the tiny Smith's next to Richmond railway station. Slight anti-climax really as it was on the shelf, spine-out, a full 10 days ahead of official publication date. And the shop was way too small for me to be able to put it face out in a prominent position.

Anyone else spotted it? Even if you have no intention of buying, I'd love to know if it's gone on sale elsewhere.

Lovely Link of the Day:

The Bookseller to the Stars, Mark Farley, has been printing a fab set of book recommendations, including some by yours truly. And he also has a new kitten. Utterly gratuitous pussy porn but sooo cute.


Blogger MarkFarley said...

pussy porn... lol

7:42 pm  
Anonymous Keris said...

I know! What's the betting that's the top search term for this blog?! :)

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was educated in the ways of love by Dr Delvin too - but have never thought about his name before. Glad the SHE mag connection is helping you out. It's a revamped mag now. I really like it. One of my target mags for the brand new feature-writing me.

10:33 am  

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