Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 and All That

This weekend I’ve been sussing out which newspapers seem to have the best Review of the Year Supplements. And of course it’s time to review my own year.

Good stuff:
- Fulfilled what for years seemed a crazy dream, and became a full-time author;
- Finished writing The Self-Preservation Society;
- Brown Owl's Guide to Life was published and seems to be selling well;
- Sorted out my hearing at last;
- Had a couple of lovely holidays;
- Flew without being in an utter flap, due to hypnotherapy tapes;
- Did more cooking of yummy things for fun;
- Had some great days and nights out;
- Taught Creative Writing in a university for the first time;
- Had my first TV drama-doc script broadcast;
- Bought a house with the boyf (in process making a cat very happy);
- Everyone I care about stayed safe and well

Bad stuff:
- Put back some of the weight I’d lost;
- Missed some birthdays and missed catching up with some people I like due to the house, the chaos and my general disorganisation;
- procrastinated rather a lot and worried about things I can’t control.

Overall, that feels pretty good and makes me realise how lucky I am (if that doesn’t sound too smug or irritating). If I have this same fortune in 2007 I will feel very lucky…

Happy New Year, everyone. Back with resolutions in 2007!


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