Friday, November 24, 2006


OK, so I finished Suite Francaise. And haven't really been able to contemplate writing since (though I have been fiddling with ideas). It all seems a bit pointless - that's not to say that the book was spot-on perfect, though under the circumstances outlined in the appendix, where the author was writing on borrowed time, her kids going to school with Stars of David on their coats and her publishers forced to pay her royalties into a frozen bank account, it's outstanding.

And I also don't think that writing to entertain is something to be ashamed of...I just feel awed and it'll take me a wee while to regain my novel writing equilibrium. So I am switching to drama for a few days: in my Open University Course, I am trying to think up modern day interpretations of the Three Little Pigs for my first assignment. Well, someone's gotta do it. But do I use the PC version where they all survive and even the wolf only gets a ticking off - or shall I go into full-on Tarantino mode and make bacon?

Dashed into town today to see my little sis while she went Christmas shopping. Hello, Toni! Hope you shopped till you dropped. Meanwhile I am getting stuck into a pile of administration, university teaching prep and paperwork, including my ongoing battle with the Horrible Hillary's Blinds who have still failed to reply to my recorded delivery letters and owe me £143.50 (and lots more for time, postage, irritation). Which would come in exceptionally handy with Christmas approaching. Come on, Mr John Risman, Chief Exec: you messed up, I have no blinds, you know it makes sense.

Sorry for that public service whinge, but actually I hope anyone googling for them will find my complaint and realise it's not a very responsive company.

Storms ahead for this weekend across Britain. Actually, I may live to regret this when our tree gets blown over or something, but I love a good storm. Some baking may be called for. Maybe damp lemon cake again, it's nearly a fortnight since I made it last.

None for Ozzie the cat though - since the cat obesity shock news, we have instigated a Cat Camp tough regime and she is looking VERY slender, which is moire than I can say for me.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Dave Hill is in plugging mode and his new book sounds very good. Good cover,too. Well, you can't blame the bloke. I'd do the same. And in fact, do so on a regular basis.


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Would that be me you're talking about? Oh good.

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