Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My to do list

Word Count: 112,756
Open University End of Course Assessments Marked: 18 (but have queries outstanding on 5 of them):
Number of recommendations written for soon to be published novels: 1
Number of eyebrows to be plucked before Guildford Book Festival: 2

I've finished Draft 3 of the novel, but it's not quite the cause for celebration that it might sound, because I don't plan to send this to my editor yet. Mainly because this 'finished' draft doesn't have a prologue or a chapter 37, both of which I've decided it needs. But also because I have about 200 Word 'comments' I've embedded in the text to deal with, everything from queries about chronology, to doubts about descriptions or about the emotional state of my main character.

I also plan to:
- skim read the non-fiction book on Fear again and re-read the Greenham Common book;
- watch the 1980s videos about nuclear war again (these are so grim);
- go through all the big chunks of text I’ve edited out to check that there’s nothing there that should go in (a good description or memory, for example).

Also on my urgent list is: pay National Insurance, clear my study for the men to come round and put down wooden flooring (the timing couldn’t be worse but otherwise we wait months), read the meters for the transfer from one ludicrously expensive gas/electricity company to one that’s slightly cheaper, send some apologetic holding emails to friends who I have been neglecting (I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of birthdays), and make vet appointment for cat who seems to have a few nasty flea bites on her tummy. She’s a delicate soul with very sensitive skin, bless her, so a single bite will blow up and make her lick her tummy raw. The fur’s grown back over the last few months, so I want to nip it in the bud before she goes bald again.

I also plan to post here about the importance of titles but that’ll have to wait a few days.

As for my list for ‘after the edits’ it just keeps on growing.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Lorainne asked: What advice would you give to someone with not much spare time who is looking to begin writing a novel, has a tonne of ideas but doesn't know how to start?!? ie me.

Well, I don’t normally plug my own site but that might be worth a look, Lorainne. There’s a whole Writer’s Toolkit on there. And have you considered signing up for NaNoWriMo? Basically it’s a whole load of writers, worldwide, trying to finish a first draft in a month. The good thing about this kind of challenge is that it forces you to get writing, rather than procrastinating, and as a process, is a great way of discovering what you REALLY want to write about. Plus there’s lots of support and plenty of resources to help you along the way!

Might even try it myself to get Book 5 underway...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always put paying my NI payments off too. I think it's cause it's such a small amount I don't really think about it - and then it all mounts up to a big nasty bill.

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