Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy endings...

Word count: 115,638

My word count is creeping back up again but this time, as it's the third draft, I am making every word count! At least, I hope so.

Every time I get more pernickety, which ought to mean my writing is improving. But the proof of the pudding...

Talking of things food-related, I did indulge in some pretty blatant procrastination yesterday and made Sweetcorn Relish. I think I overminced (?is this a new word to use about Graham Norton?) the veggies, and the bubbling liquid was distinctly volcanic, but it was good to do something practical after hours of keyboard faffing.

I expect to have some title news soon, I promise.

Lovely Links of the Day:
It was Frankfurt Book Fair last week, and there seems to be a bumper crop of bloggers getting book deals.

From Petite Anglaise, to Struggling Author …I love stories like these (though, OK, I confess to a little envy at the size of some of the advances!!!)

I've read some articles suggesting that somehow bloggers-turned-authors are a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon, and that readers will tire of them (what, like they have of misery memoirs and celeb biographies?). But I think that is spectacularly missing the point: in almost every case, the web isn’t ‘creating’ writers in some magical way. It’s simply providing a platform for people with talent and a new take on life. Before blogging, and certainly before the web, it was very hard to get your ideas out there, to a wider audience. Traditional publishing is obviously largely (though, being a non-cynic, I would say not exclusively) motivated by profit margin. And self-publishing was a terrible faff and meant you risked a garage full of books without any way of distributing them.

Blogging changed all that…people with fascinating stories to tell could share them with the world without having to go on a computer training course, or spend thousands on printing. And word of mouth means these people soon attract the attention of the industry they might previously have struggled to access.

Nothing like a bit of democracy to shake things up a bit…

Oh and congratulations too to
Keris, who wasn't at Frankfurt but has just secured herself an agent. This is NO surprise to me at all but is terrific news. Go girl!

Time to update my links, I think. I wish all bloggers turned authors the best of luck.


Blogger Marie said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for the shout.

I about 90pc agree with you about bloggers-turned-authors, but where I would like to see the bubble burst is in one or two cases that I could name (but won't, because it would be unforgivably bitchy) some bloggers have got book deals for blogs that are really badly written, apparently because some publishers think blogs are the new hot thing and have forgotten the old adage that content is key.

Though ultimately I suppose it does no real harm; those books will sink like a stone and go out of print in minutes, and decent but less technological authors will still see their work get through. And bloggers don't have the monopoly on getting deals for badly written work...

Hmm. I feel like I've just talked myself out of that one!

5:56 pm  

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