Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coming soon, to a town near you…

While I continue with my edits, here are some truly lovely links:

If you’re a chick lit fan, there are some cool events soon, featuring yours truly and other, much more well-known writers…first up, there’s the Saffron Walden Literary Festival this weekend – this Friday morning, I’ll be chatting with the truly talented Jojo Moyes, the gorgeous Chris Manby, the hilarious Matt Dunn and the scarily bright Matt Thorne on the subject of Writing for Women – the event's also part of the Macmillan Cancer World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, so you can have a giggle AND feel good.

The festival is brand new, so do give it some support if you live locally – they’ve attracted some great speakers, including Nick Hornby and Meg Rosoff…do check with the website before turning up, though.

Then, next month, the well-established Guildford Book Festival is running its Girls' Night programme again – in one night you can hear from seven fab authors of women’s fiction (plus me!)…I’m going to be on a panel with Amanda Brookfield, Harriet Evans (whose new novel has the most gorgeous jacket I have seen in a long time - have very serious cover envy!)and Kate Long (who is a Wigan-ite like me) – hosted by Jane Wenham-Jones. I think it’ll be lots of fun, but it’s probably a good idea to book now as I think this event is very popular. The whole programme looks terrific so even if you're not into girly books, there's bound to be something for you!


Anonymous Kate Long said...

Hey up. Whereabouts in Wigan?

Looking forward to Guildford, anyway; sounds like a good bash. JWJ'll keep us in order!

11:40 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Well, I was born near Billinge - but then lived in St Helens, where all my family came from, at various points in my childhood: so I crossed the rugby line...

Now I am a soft southerner.

Yes, next week should be a laugh!

4:02 pm  
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