Friday, August 11, 2006

Strange days again

Book ideas on the go: 4

The news about the terror plot is very unsettling indeed and I hope it's been cracked. I am scared of flying and the thought of getting on board with just my passport - not even a book or notebook to distract me from the noise and the general horridness of it - freaks me out, so I'm not sure I will be able to face it for a while. I know that sounds highly trivial under the circumstances but I wonder how many people will feel the same. I've heard others suggest that the increasing inconveniences involved in flying might lead to less demand for air travel, which is bad for airlines but maybe good for the environment....

I've been busy distracting myself from awaiting the verdict on the manuscript, by having nice coffees and lunches and a haircut to banish those split ends. During coffee yesterday another writer gave me the thumbs up for two of my new ideas, which was all the encouragement I needed to do some work fleshing out the characters and plot - I was up till past midnight working on them, which is my most productive time, when I'm in the right mood. Those two ideas both have a celebrity angle to them, which is interesting as I haven't been that fussed about exploring showbiz culture before, but both are about ordinary people encountering that extraordinary world, so I am excited about both.

The other two ideas (well, there are maybe 8 on my list, but my current faves) are quite different: the first deals with love and romance in a more overt way than before, almost a modern fairy tale, and the second is more of a character than an idea, but I think I could develop the character into a series.

A while ago, I was asked in the comments how I decide which ideas to go with, and the truth is that it's a mixture of my own gut instincts, and guidance from my editor and agent on which might have the most potential for sales or to grow my readership. It's also about which best suits my own writing style - so I might have a terrific notion for an action thriller, say, but frankly I don't read those books and I don't know the rules and my habit of inserting random jokes might detract from the seriousness of a thriller, so that's probably not the right project.

One of my reasons for taking a break from the day job to focus on writing was to see whether I can juggle more than one project - my 'one-off' novels and a series, for example, or an adult novel plus a children's book every year. So far it's been more of a case of catching up with myself after three years of burning the candle at both ends, but I suspect this 'doubling' is the way I'd like to go if possible.

Lovely Link of the Day:
I've been 'listening again' to a lot of the BBC memory programmes that I've mentioned before - this one in particular, about unreliable memories, is very relevant to the book I've been working on lately, and is very interesting: why might two people have very different memories of the same event? Very intriguing...


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Hi Kate, I feel the same way about the security measures on planes. I think it's a great shame, and the bombers have won without doing very much, because they've caused so much chaos and heartache already.
It's interesting what you say about writing more than one project at a time - I'll be watching your progress with interest :-)

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