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The joys of the hedgerows, eh? I was a right domestic goddess yesterday - baking an Italian blackberry and cinnamon cake (courtesy of Ursula Ferrigno, whose wonderful book about Italian Cakes and Puddings I must use more often: I once attended a course on Italian food with her and she was a total livewire) and also starting to make blackberry vinegar. This is not exactly a high tech operation: you chuck the blackberries in a bowl of vinegar and wait for 5 days. Though even after a couple of hours, all sorts of grit and - probably - insect bits began to float to the surface. Still, I've always been in the 'a few germs do you no harm' camp...and maybe as a veggie, unintentionally killed insects are a good source of protein?

Anyway the cake is FAB even if I do say so myself, and won't last 24 hours, I suspect. Dubious boyf had to be talked into having a slice and then had huge piece of seconds so that was good. The cake is extra squidgy due to using ground almonds, and it was great fun to make.

Further distraction while I wait for my notes, interspersed with some very hard work on my Open University marking (I managed to get 18 of them done between Thursday and yesterday morning and because they were life-writing - i.e. biography or autobiography, I found them very enjoyable to read, with students really getting their teeth into ). I'm also working flat out (in between baking!) on this copy-writing project about how to be creative. Being very factual about the nature of creativity is an interesting challenge, I must admit.

More of that today, plus still waiting for the Universe (or one of you) to send me the perfect title for Scaredycat...Maybe I should get into cosmic ordering, like Noel Edmonds.

Lovely Link of the Day:

I like this DIY fairy-tale kit from the BBC 'hitch-hiker's guide' like site. Kind of wikipedia after a spliff...


Blogger Zoe Lea said...

Love the cake, it looks yummy!

Right, competition entry...is it okay to post here? Anyway, your book sounds fab! Okay, my entry is…..(drumroll please…)

The Scaredycat Slayer

Like everyone else, I love the word scaredycat. :)


7:44 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

That looks tasty.

Wouldn't look out of place, if it were proudly sitting in Pimblett's ;)

9:42 am  
Blogger City Slicker said...

Tempting photos. Like the blog

1:02 am  
Blogger somebody more like you said...

Hi Kate,

I couldn't find an email address for you, so I thought I'd use this! I'm putting together a pitch for an article on the chick-lit wars raging in America over the This Is/Is Not Chicklit anthologies, and would love it if you could provide any UK perspective or thoughts on chicklit in general.



10:11 pm  
Anonymous Julia said...

Looks delish - these food pics you keep posting are making me very hunrgy.

12:18 pm  

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