Friday, August 18, 2006

The irresistible lure of lager and lime...

So that's where you've all been hiding! Thank you so much for the responses to my request for titles - it seems you're anybody's for a lager and lime, eh?

The competition will stay open till the end of the British Bank Holiday Monday (i.e. Midnight, British Summer Time, Monday 28 August). I suppose I should have thought of some rules and regulations for it, but broadly, even if my publishers choose something completely different, I will announce my favourite and you will get the proof - if it exists, otherwise it'll be a first edition - and an invite to the next launch. Now before you get all excited, a) book launches aren't quite the most glamorous affairs you might imagine (most take part in rough and ready pubs which offer free room hire for a start) and b) um, well, for the last book I didn't get my act together to have a launch as I was busy changing my life. But I am hoping to have one next May for Book X, even if it's a lager-and-lime down the Coach and Horses.

I went running today - well, my poor excuse for running - and the friend I went with was, I think, shocked at how unfit I was. But it was so beautiful along the Thames: all weeping willows and stunning riverside houses. Then had coffee with another writer friend and began pitching my current ideas. By number 5, she was snoring gently so I apologised profusely and realised I ought to try to calm down a little. She did say she liked them, though, so thank you, S. Made my day.

I have been neglecting my Phoodie Photography lately but promise to be back on track soon - if blogger ever lets me upload the pix, you can look forward to:

Swiss Chard: a vegetable to admire rather than fall in love with...
Fun with Beetroot...
and...Sandwich Fillings from Random Things in the Cupboard

Keep those competition entries coming. I'll also be updating you soon on the How to Get Published Course due in November.

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Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Kate, just so as you know - I didn't enter just for the lager and lime. LOL! I entered for the opportunity of being in the company of one of my fave authors, celebrating her latest book release. And okay, I admit it would all add up to a future great blog post too... [VBG]
Sue :-)

2:59 pm  

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