Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Ideas Circus

So, I’m juggling projects. Copy-writing project is making progress, and I have worked out the Table of Contents tool in Word which is fun (did I just write that? It must come from the same bit of my brain that adores stationery). I’ve written a chapter of one new idea and my new strategy this week is to work on a different idea each day, to progress each one as far as I can in those few hours, and see where I get to. Today’s idea is the least worked up of the four I really like, not much more than a title, but it’s a title I really love, so I want to see whether I can turn it into a story rather than a mere ‘notion.’

I had coffee with another writing friend yesterday – hello, J, if you’re reading – and it was great to chew the cud (and chew a rather nice chocolate biscuit cake) over the process and inspirations and why we write. For me at the moment, settings are very important: I’ve been running along the Thames a few times lately – I used the term running VERY loosely - and looking at the fantastic houses on the other bank has given me a crystal clear idea of the key setting for one of my new ideas. I don’t quite know what is going to happen there, but I can’t wait to work it out.

Meanwhile, the Wait of Doom continues. The thing is, I do know in my heart of hearts that my editor is fantastically busy, that she warned me it would be a while before she could get to it, that she’s probably buried in other work. But the paranoid android bit of me thinks she has started it, then thrown it across the room in disgust and is wondering how to get out of publishing it…

Actually, even typing that has made me realise how daft it is. My editor is also very direct so if she does feel that then I think she’d be on the phone without much delay saying, right, let’s get stuck into making this work so we can still publish it next year.

Throwing myself into new projects is by far the best plan and also means that I will hopefully have a veritable mezze of guaranteed bestseller possibilities to offer her when it’s time to discuss the next book.

Lovely Link of the Day:

Another literary agent blogging about her life and her preferences: she takes no prisoners. She’s also made some interesting points about writing in more than one genre, which is relevant for me as I feel my approach diverging a little and I am interested in seeing whether I can adopt two different author ‘personas.’ I quite fancy leading a double life…


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