Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blackberry Picking as Aerobic Exercise

It's been a curious, rainy weekend so far, interspersed with brilliant, hot sunshine. We managed to pick the right two hours to go jogging/cycling/blackberry picking. Boyf said he was impressed by my running and actually, I did manage to go further than I had before: it does get easier, though my knees are creaky, the morning after the day before.

I'd noticed blackberries ripening in the brambles and so took a small bag and we collected about a pound of them. Have decided this in itself is good exercise, like a kind of outdoor yoga, as you stretch into peculiar positions to try to avoid the nettles and the spiky branches. And people were making endless comments as they walked past.

Then we listened to the bands rehearsing for an outdoor concert at Marble Hill (wow, just found this link, and you can go Bodice Making in October: how fab. Is there a Bodice Ripping session for advanced students, I wonder?) just over the Thames. It then CHUCKED it down all evening, I wonder if it was even rained off.

Lovely - though when we got back into town, I wondered why people were giving me funny looks, only to realise I had deep red stains down my clothes, where the blackberry bag had leaked.

Question of the day: if you could only eat one colour food for the rest of your life, what colour would it be? For beetroot, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red onion, red cabbage, etc. Would Edam count? Boyf looked at me oddly when I asked him, then answered brown: toast, potatoes, mushrooms, roast chicken.

The title debate goes on - do keep them coming, please!

Lovely Link of the Day:
Some fab recipes for Blackberries...Just call me Felicity Kendal.


Blogger City Slicker said...

Very funny
Better than strawberry picking bod doubt which is ever so messy

8:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I went to the concert at Marble Hill on Saturday night. It was a dirty dancing tribute and it was fabulous!! It didn’t rain until right at the end (very lucky) - and by this time no one cared as everyone was drunk I suppose!! People were even dancing in the rain!!


9:32 am  
Blogger theDeadBeats:novelinprogress said...

Hi Kate,

I took up running just over 18 months ago, and it really does get easier ~ the first few weeks i could barely get round the block, but now I've done a few 5k' races, a 10k race and I'm doing the great North Run later this year!
Best wishes and best of luck with your running!

9:39 pm  

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