Tuesday, July 04, 2006

VAT and other mysteries

Word count: 110,189

You know you're getting into the second draft when the word count begins to fall. Have been working hard today at this, and at filing my first ever VAT return, and getting my first ever delivery from Staples (a fan, some pens, post-its, a very late in the day surge protector to keep the computer safe from lightning etc, and a chair I have yet to put together). You can also tell I am still over-excited about the prospect of self-employment when I get excited about an hour on the phone to the accountant.

I do feel pretty overwhelmed with work, actually, and already I am wondering how I was ever managing as a full-time employee as well as an OU lecturer and a writer. We were talking about this last night at the writers' group I go to. Also chatting about our identities as writers, and whether we can really tell for ourselves 'who' we are and what kind of books we're writing. I mean, I have embraced the chick lit label in this blog but is this what I'll stay? Am I even writing true 'chick lit' - I certainly try to push the boundaries a little, but is there a point beyond which they cannot be pushed?

So far, my fantasies of spending the summer knocking up gazpacho and fresh soda bread are exactly that - fantasies. But maybe when the second draft is finished...the main thing is, I feel in control. And that's priceless.

Lovely Link of the Day:
I'm exploring sites like this one, aimed at freelance writers who work from home. That'll be me then. Though this one seems a bit too American in content, but with some interesting links.


Anonymous Jacqui Lofthouse said...


Mmm soda bread...

I am so sad I couldn't make last night and missed what sounds like a brilliant discussion. Having been discussing 'identity' with my latest mentor today, I know exactly where you are at. For you, it's whether 'chick-lit' can contain your awesome talent; for me it was whether I can be at once a writer and a coach. I hope to see you very soon and explore this conversation further.

Fancy a coffee with your new neighbour soon?



8:25 pm  
Blogger Debbie Ridpath Ohi said...

Thanks for the lovely link mention! You're right that I need more Brit content...so I've mentioned your blog today. :-)

9:43 pm  
Anonymous Julia said...

My copy of Brown Owl's Guide to Life arrived from Amazon this morning.

Looking forward to taking it on holiday with me in a couple of weeks.

Lovely cover design.

8:23 pm  

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