Friday, July 14, 2006

Disappearing Act - and One Word radio

Word Count: 111,895
Poetry Assignments Marked: 19
Number of new neighbours encountered with hungover breath and unbrushed hair when sneaking out to put rubbish out: 2

I don't know where the days are going. Everyone I know said that once I had left my full-time job, I would no longer understand how I'd juggled everything, and it's completely true. The last ten days have been dominated by work (though I have managed to fit in the odd nice lunch, barbecue, swims at the local pool plus a swanky launch party - for Jenny Colgan's West End Girls). I've finished marking the poetry module of the Open University course, except for two people who submitted late. And I also taught a Day School with the same students last Saturday which was fun if rather intense.

Then yesterday I took part in a discussion on One Word Radio, about fashion and style in books. Now, anyone who knows me will know that fashion has NEVER been my strong point, so it was interesting to talk about how I incorporate brands and interiors to define my characters, without making them fashion victims.

You can listen to the discussion tomorrow, either at 9am or at 5pm, on the One Word Website, on digital radio, or via your Freeview box. Go on - I'd love to know whether I managed to pull off sounding like someone who knew anything at all about the subject. It was great fun, though, I do love doing radio.

Meanwhile, back to my Scaredycat edits. I am enjoying having the time to get stuck in, though it is pretty intense work, which has to be broken by trips to the dry-cleaners and Boots for fake tan (I feel as though I really ought to have a tan, given the fantastic weather we've been having, but as I spend so much time at my desk, my skin is pretty pale...).

Lovely Link of the Day:
In other urgent business, I need a new collar for my cat in case she decides to go too far. Oooh. I like these.


Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks for the link to the One Word Website - it's BRILLIANT! I don't believe it (this is a first for me) I'm actually in time to listen to your discussion too.

9:00 am  

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