Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Deed is Done

Word count: 121,466

And so I've sent my Scaredycat off into cyber-space, hitting the Orion servers at just before midday. My editor emailed back to say she's about to begin another edit, so it'll probably be a fortnight or more at least before I hear anything, so now I need to find other ways to occupy myself.

  • Deciding which of lots of new ideas for book 5 to flesh out and which to ditch;
  • Trying to work out what background research NEEDS to be donebefore the final draft and what is simply desirable (e.g. research trip to Venice!!!);
  • Thinking through a non-fiction book idea I have;
  • Writing a couple of short stories;
  • Getting fit and losing some of my 'house move' weight (the stress, donchya know?);
  • Learning video editing;
  • Setting the next Open University tutorial;
  • Drafting a new course on how to get published;
  • Maybe lolling around in the garden a bit...

Today I went to Bushy Park and found out about volunteering, which I thought might be the perfect antidote to sitting in my office, living in my imagination. It was so hot today and the landscape was more end of August/start of September than July which makes me wonder what it'll be like in a month's time. Saw deer and newts and leeches and a wonderful Willow hut. Very inspiring place.

I feel the need to do some 'giving back' while I can (though most people I know who volunteer get more back themselves from the experience) - who knows whether this freelancing life will be for me long-term? Some good friends have had a ball volunteering and I'd like to do the same. The media is an all-consuming existence, and now, for the first time, I feel I may be able to commit to doing normal, neighbourly stuff, which is exciting!

Poor day on the organic front. After misjudging distances rather badly in the park, I didn't eat between 9am and 4pm and then it was an M&S Quinoa and Pomegranate salad (how many trendy foods can you get in one pot?). It was good, actually. Pomegranate, though? What a fiddly and yet stunning fruit...

Then tonight it was barbecued veggie sausages, which I always have a bit of a problem with. If I was that fussed about sausages, I probably wouldn't be a vegetarian in the first place. Still, the boyf loves the whole ritual, so who am I to argue?

Revolting mulch update: the stinky stuff is now in bin bags. Hopefully that is the end of the bluebottles too. Yeuch. It's a victory for weeds, sadly, but needs must.

Lovely Link of the Day:

The rather marvellous Danuta Kean has updated and expanded her website, complete with a blog comparing Waterstones to Frank Butcher from EastEnders...


Anonymous Claire said...

That salad sounds delicious, I must try that!!

When you have an idea for a book how do you flesh it out - do you write and develop as you go along or plot plot plot before you even begin to write?

11:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for the new course on how to get published. I'll sign up for it!

2:17 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Hi Claire and Beth,

Thanks for popping in. Claire, that sounds like something I should blog about as it's a strange, fluid process. I promise I will do that soon.

And thanks for the vote of confidence, Beth. Watch this space for more detail soon!


10:09 pm  

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