Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Courgettes and other things I like to burn

A (very burned) saucepan of goodies

Portions of Fruit and Veg today: (in lieu of word count) 6
Portions of Ice Cream: 1*

Courgettes are so insipid unless they're fried until they have lovely brown 'moles' all over them. Onions are much nicer with sugary charred edges. As for raw Halloumi cheese - like chewing rubber bands. But as soon as you torture it in a hot frying pan, it's wonderful.

Three guesses what I had for lunch then, eh? Yep, a 'warm salad' (i.e. I ate it out of the pan) of organic onion, courgettes, cherry tomatoes and Halloumi cheese, all fried up in olive oil, and served with sweet chilli sauce. Very good, even if I do say so myself.

One of my tasks this summer will be to teach myself to use Photoshop Elements so I can show you my creations - yeah, I can tell you’re excited…I've got the photos all ready, all I need to do is try to work out how to get them in focus. Oh. Maybe it's too late for that. Digital cameras are sadly not idiot proof. And I am proof of that.

Today I did some work on some facilitation work I have organised for next week, and worked out more of the programmeabout the How to Get Published course, which I'll be running with another author and an agent in the Autumn at a central London hotel. It'll be a full day, highly practical course, and I'm really looking forward to teaching it. I'll post a link once we've confirmed the details.

I'm also loving getting back into using the library - the one where I live has a GARDEN, which is such a wonderful idea, and today I borrowed Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld, who was involved in a bit of a barney last year about the review she wrote of Melissa Banks' The Wonder Spot: the quote that inflamed people was "To suggest that another woman's ostensibly literary novel is chick lit feels catty, not unlike calling another woman a slut -- doesn't the term basically bring down all of us?"

I'm too hot to start that one up again, but I liked the opening para and that's the joy of libraries, if I don't like the rest, I can take it back!

Lovely Link of the Day:
(I know this is a bit of a cheat) but the second book was The Writers' Journey by Christopher Vogler (wicked tash on the website, Mr V!). I've done the Robert McKee Story course, and I really enjoyed it, but the Vogler book is much more direct and feels more relevant and accessible to me. I'm having fun 'retro-fitting' my previous books to his theories, but it's very exciting to think how I'll apply it to the new ideas I have germinating in the compost of my mind...

*I do realise how Bridget Jones this makes me look...and you know what? I don't care!


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