Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where do I start?

Word count: not quite sure
Number of boxes unpacked: several dozen
Fantasies about office air conditioning: 23

Phew...sorry for my prolonged absence, blog-friends. It's been a roller coaster of a fortnight, what with moving house, leaving my job for full-time freelancing, celebrating momentous birthday with the boyf, and getting lots of useful feedback on Book 4 from my agent.

Last week fell into the 'holiday' category though it involved lots of unpacking and administration, trips around the shops to choose new sofas, working out how our pond filter system works (Jeez, I love that pond, it is great to dip feet in when the weather's like this) and planting tubs of herbs and tomatoes in the garden.

The new house is great, and worth the wait. My office room is coming together though it is sweltering. Today I settled down to work proper for the first time but I am sweating like a pig in the heat and have ordered a fan from an office supplies shop. My ankles are all puffy which makes me feel rather middle-aged - not yet, surely?

Oh and when we went for a walk by the Thames the other day there was a boat called Brown Owl which might have been an omen. On the other hand...

So now have my work cut out with novel revisions AND the small matter of some brand new poetry assignments sent in by my Open University students AND unpacking AND trying to drink my bodyweight in water to avoid drying to husk (a husk with swollen ankles. That might be worth seeing).

Lovely Link of the Day:
In view of my new status, have joined Money Saving Expert. Great site. Am plotting to change gas supplier and mobile provider and credit card as we speak. Of course, this MIGHT simply be procrastination.


Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back, Kate - glad your momentous times went smoothly and you're enjoying the house.

As for labels... we need people like you to push the boundaries. Go, you.

5:32 pm  

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