Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Bicycle Thieves

No, not the Italian neo-realist classic. This is the London version. I bought boyf lovely shiny new bike as early birthday pressie. Along with shiny new lock. Both got nicked from the bike rack at flats overnight on Saturday. He'd ridden it ONCE.

Now, compared to the cost of the house, it's trivial. But pretty infuriating even so...

But the best way to forget such things is to unpack around 30 boxes of books. Actually, that might be an underestimate. Ditto boxes of files, letters, old bus tickets from the trip to Berlin I took fifteen years ago, etc etc. I am a hoarder, I'll admit it, and moving into a bigger place is probably the last thing I need to do.

However, the house is LOVELY, and the garden even better. We have our own frog (as yet unnamed), a very muscly fella indeed. The house and garden merge into one so completely that we're going to have to get an industrial fly zapper. But there are also lots of fun things to do, like choosing paint and new furniture, filling the garage with books, setting up broadband (oh gawd...) and enjoying the summer.

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Blogger diane s said...

Ah, well at least you can relax now and take your time making it nice... am rather jealous, we really need to move!!

Sounds lovely except for the frog, but as long as you like it :)

Happy homemaking! xx

1:17 pm  
Blogger diane s said...

oh, and sorry about the bike! :(

2:02 pm  
Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Sorry about the bike. But I'm glad you're enjoying the new house. (Not to mention the frog *g*)

4:12 pm  
Anonymous Julia said...

Hi Kate,
I just had a message from lovely Mel Sheratt telling me you featured me in your Lovely Links page the other day. Thanks very much for that - and also for saying such nice things about my site.

Mel also tells me you hail from South Cheshire, which I know well having spent some years living in Alsager. Actually the main character in the novel I'm working on comes from Holmes Chapel, so I'm thinking about that area a lot lately.

I'm very glad to have been introduced to your acer blog and will definitely be back. I'll also look out for your novels - another displacement activity for me too then.

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your bike getting snatched. It really does suck the fat one when something like that happens. Glad you don't seem to be getting het up about it tho - no point is there? Best of luck in your new place.

Ta again,

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Caryn said...

Oh, no! Sorry about the bike. Glad to hear you're enjoying your new place, though.

12:26 am  
Anonymous Alexandra said...

Can we have a name the frog competition??

Sorry about the bike too. It always amazed me in Amsterdam that, yes, they do bike everywhere, but most of them are rust coloured and falling to bits. Some even don't have brakes. There's even that whole thing that if you buy your bike from a 'dodgy geezer' there, they steal it back off you the next day. Still, you probably paid a fiver. That's the only good thing about that.

10:25 pm  

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