Monday, May 29, 2006

Power and Glory of the Web

Word Count: 80,370
Assignments to Mark: None! Yipee!

Like another 480,000 web users (at last count), I have been following the story of The Broken Laptop I Sold on eBay, a blog put up as revenge by someone who'd been conned. I felt like one of the 'early adopters' because I first visited the site (via Holy Moly) when it had only 4,000 hits. I know this makes me sound an utter saddo, like one of those people who only likes the 'early stuff' once their favourite band hits the big time, but never mind. It's one of those sites that feels like wonderful revenge on anyone who has ever cheated you or done you out of your dues (for me, pretty much everyone I have tried to buy a house from over the last year...).

My target was to reach 80,000 words on my WIP by the end of May, and I have done it, despite the Open University marking. Another thing to celebrate. Went to the seaside today, where it did feel like four seasons in one day: flash floods, hail, and the kind of sunshine you only get by the coast. Lovely.

So generally am feeling pretty darned good this evening. Busy week ahead, so the word count may not grow as much as I'd hope, but I'm getting there. 95,000 by the end of June, I hope.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Lots of people appreciated the Laurie Graham link, so here's one to Jodi Picoult's site (OK, I'm envious of Laurie Graham's home in Venice, and now I am jealous of Jodi Picoult's amazing hair. And doesn't she look like Alex Kington from ER?). Oh, and here's one for another author about to hit the big time: Linda Buckley Archer's wonderful new Gideon the Cutpurse trilogy is the one to watch this summer. I'm biased because I heard it before it had even been discovered by her agent. Oh God, I'm doing the 'I liked them before they were famous' routine again, aren't I?


Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Well done on surviving your first OU marking.
Congratulations too, with achieving 80,000 words on your WIP. Wow! How do you do it? Does writing get easier for you with each book? I'm still struggling with Ch.4 on a mere 50,000 WIP! (It doesn't help that I haven't done any writing for a few weeks!)
In my defence, I am being distracted by a certain group of Brownies... ;-)

11:25 am  
Anonymous Jacqui Lofthouse said...

Yes, congratulations Kate; you've done amazingly. I'm blogging about word count daily at the moment (as Mscreativity knows!) and you have always been hugely inspirational on that front. I want you to sign my copy of 'Brown Owl' on Monday... can't wait x Jacqui

6:45 pm  

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