Friday, May 12, 2006

The planet or my fingers?

Word Count: 63,761
Assignments read: 18
Assignments fully marked: 4

Sorry, planet. Am finding it much easier to mark the assignments by printing them out, than by squinting at the screen (and I really do squint these days, I think I am getting ready for old-lady reading glasses. So much for being in my Middle Youth). Mind you, I am probably exacerbating the health benefits for me by printing it in 8 point, single spaced, so that I waste as little paper as possible.

I’m still not half way through reading them, though.

The Apprentice crisis had an unhappy ending. The workmen who’d messed up the aerials to our luxury (ha!) apartment block didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the situation and didn’t bother to fix it. So instead we went out and sat by the river eating and drinking, then I came back hoping to watch the show online on the BBC2 website once it appeared – only to see the result on the BBC News Online site. Outrageous. At least they could have put a headline saying Apprentice Result Announced, Look Away Now, but oh no, my suspense was broken.

Very annoying. But I will still try to watch on broadband later.

The sun is out and the geese outside are honking away but I shall try to resist the temptation to sit outside, and crack on with the WIP!

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