Friday, May 05, 2006

Out and About

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So, Brown Owl's Guide to Life has been sent out into the world...and I am keeping everything crossed that Lucy and her chums will have a warm welcome. I've seen the book on the shelves, which is always good, and done some celebratory things, including a wonderful lunch at Locanda Locatelli, a very swish Italian restaurant in central London. We even saw the very suave owner, Mr Locatelli himself. I can also report that the restaurant has THE BEST CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES IN THE WORLD.

It's been a social week - last night I met friends on the South Bank, and it was one of those evenings that makes you glad to live in London. Brilliant bright blue skies, the London Eye shining, the Thames shimmering and all the fantastic buildings lined up on both embankments. I also did karaoke properly for the first time in my life on Wednesday night, fantastically good fun, even though one of the people in the party used to be a very well-known pop star. I missed seeing the transmission of the Beverly Allitt drama-documentary (I wrote the drama script) but had already seen it on DVD, and it got great audience figures, plus some good reviews, so that was good news.

Oh and I voted postally for the very first's very peculiar watching the news about all the cabinet reshuffles and so on, really reminds me of the last days of the Thatcher regime. In both cases, it felt like the person in 10 Downing Street had completely lost the plot and was doing things without any logic or reason. Not a good feeling when they happen to run the country.

And on the writing front, I've had an email from my editor saying how good she thinks Book 4 is so far, which is always a huge relief - she's also seen a change in my style, which is gratifying. More evolution than revolution.

Am about to disappear into the black hole that is marking my Open University assignments, more than 20 of them, so I may be some time...

Lovely Link of the Day:
This guide to the Seven Laws of Comedy Writing is excellent.


Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi Kate,
Wow! You wrote the drama script for the Beverly Allit drama-documentary? You did a fantastic job. It really affected me. Although I'd been aware of the case, I hadn't realised that Allit was born down the road from where I currently live, and was a nurse in the hospital where both my children have been treated. Scary.
Glad you've enjoyed a social week. About time too, you've earned it!
Ps... I have a feeling that hubby has treated me to Brown Owl's Guide to Life... :-)

1:20 pm  

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